Map Info User Guide

Guideline for using MapInfo software on Windown XP operating system

(for new user)

Instructor: Nguyen Hong Viet

Forestry Information System Joint Stock Company


Phone number: 0986.119.250


Target: using for the Mekong small and  medium town water supply program  technical support

Action group:

Associate Professor Nguyen Van Tin – National University of Civil and Engineering

Senior Engineer  Do Manh Ha

Senior Engineer Vu Duc Thang

Engineer Tuong Thi Tu Khuyen

Time: July 24th, 2010 – August 4th , 2010


I. Introduction to sofware:

Introduction to MapInfo software:

MapInfo is a software used to edit, manage and print maps.

I.1. Installation

+  Download  setup here:

+  You can download  the sample map of Banh Trach commune – Ba Be district –Bac Kan province here :

+ How to install:

Run file MIPro80_eval.exe in the setup folder

Click Next to continue

Select  ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and then click Next to continue

Click Next to continue

Select Typical Workstation installation and then click Next to continue

Click Next to continue

Select Install to begin the installation

Installation time

Select No to exit check web

Select Finish to complete

I.2. Open lock:

Open crack folder , run shkMIP80 file => select link to set up Mapinfo: C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfow.exe => Patch => Close

 Reduced: 89% of original size [ 803 x 602 ] – Click to view full image

Lưu ý rằng file crack này chỉ hoạt động tốt với MapInfo 8.0 trên nền Window XP, còn nếu bạn sử dụng các phiên bản khác hoặc các hệ điều hành khác hoặc Window 7, Window Vista thì việc crack này gần như không thực hiện được.

II. Printer A0 setting

II.1 How to setup

Control Panel => Add printer => Select local (remove the tick below) =>Next => open MapInfo setup => Printer => In.f => Select number 3 => No => Next => Finish

II.2. Printer setting

Click right mouse => printer => Properties => Paper standard => Select the first column only,  leave all the rest blank.

Setup printing preferences => New configure => ISO A0 => Apply =Ok

III. Setup file .prj containing reference frame

– Using the standard reference frame of Vietnam VN2000

Before the year 2000, Vietnam used to ultilize geographic coordinates UTM, WGS-84 of USA. Since 2000, Department of Land Administration has issued  VN2000, however, until now VN2000 system has not been very popularly used.

MAPINFOW.Prj file contains parameters of the reference frame. During the MAPINFO installation process,  MAPINFOW.prj file is considered as the file containing USA reference  frame by default. Therefore, in order to use Vietnam reference frame, it is necessary to overwrite MAPINFOW.prj file from the installer into C:\Program Files \MapInfo\Professional.

 Reduced: 87% of original size [ 820 x 598 ] – Click to view full image

* Comparison between UTM and VN2000:+ UTM system:

–          Longitude Origin: 1050

–          Projection No 48,49

+ VN2000 system:

–          Each province has one longitude origin and the longitude origin may be identical in many provinces. There is one  summary table of longitude origin in .prj file

–          Projection: 30 and 60

Projection 30 with length deflection coefficient K = 0,9999 is used for maps, scale of which is in the range 1/10000 ÷ 1/2000.

Projection 60  with length deflection coefficient K = 0,9996 is used for maps, scale of which is in the range 1/5.000.000 ÷ 1/25.000s

(in accordance with the Circular No 973/2001/TT-TCDC)

VN2000 Reference Grid is similar with F84 and  the distance between them is 220m.

IV. Initial parameter setting

It is necessary to set up initial to match the job

How to setup

Open program MAPINFO

Options => Preferences

* System Setting:
+ Paper and layout unit => Centimets => Ok.

VN2000 map is originated from: basic land administrative map, land use mapWhen resizing Map Window => second cell: Preserve Current Scale

When zooming in or out Map window, the scale is constant.

Tick  Metric distance and Area Unit => Ok

 Reduced: 89% of original size [ 805 x 602 ] – Click to view full image

+ Startup:Cancel Display Quick Startup Dialog and

Load MapInfo when starting MapInfo

+ Directory: setup linkTable: map class

Work space: map piece

The map piece comprises many map classes

Modify => folder B_Trach => Ok

V. Toolbars

MapInfo has 4 main toolbars arranged in sequence:

Standard Drawing
Main Tools

To display toolbars: Option => Toolbar.

To save arrangement of toolbars, tick  Save as default

 Reduced: 83% of original size [ 862 x 105 ] – Click to view full image

V.1. Standard Toolbar

+ the standard toolbar of MAPINFO consists of functions as follows:

Open: to open Map Class

Save: to record Map Class

Cut: to cut Map Class

Paste: to paste Map Class

Copy: to copy Map Class

Undo: to undo and only one manipulation

New browser: to open data

New mapper: to open Map Window

New layout:to open Layout Window to design and print

Note that, in MapInfo program, Undo is only manipulated one time, therefore every manipulation should be executed carefully.  ( Incase of wrong execution without Undo, enter File/Revert Table to turn back lastest Save as).

V.2. Drawing Toolbar

– Used to format and create Map Objects

(open file btr_trt and brt_r to practice)

Text Style: to format text objects

Text: to create text objects

Region Style: to format region objects

Polygon: to draw polygon

Ellipse: to draw Ellipse, hold Shift  to draw circle

Rectangle: to  draw rectangle

Rounded rectangle: to draw rounded rectangle

Line Style: to format line objects

Line: to draw line

Polyline: to draw polyline

Symbol Style: to format symbol objects

Symbol: to create symbol objects

V.3. Main Toobar

is the main toolbar of  MAPINFO

Function: to select Map Objects, resize scale, relocate and turn map to the right scale.

Select: to select each object, to select many, hold Shift

Multi Select: to select many objects in rectangular scale

Radius Select: to select objects in round scale

Polygon Select: to select objects in self- created polygon scale

Boundary Select: to select objects in a given boundary scale

Insert Selection: to select the rest objects of selected objects

Unselect all: to cancel selection

The target of object selection is to extract map

Zoom in: tozoom in map

Zoom out: to zoom out map

Change View: to turn map to the right scale

Grabber: to relocate map

Info: to view information of map object

Layout Control: to display Control Window of map classes

Ruler: to measure distance between map objects

Show/Hide Legend: to show/hide  legend window (animation legend)

Show/Hide statistics: to show/hide  statistics & data window

V.4. Tools

are to display separate module  enclosing software. Separate module is outside of the software, helpful to optimize the software, its expansion is .mpxTo identify modules enclosing MAPINFO, enter  Tools => Tool Manager

For example: Grid Maker module  is helpful to create grid

(to be continued)

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