Sociological survey in Quang Ngai

Sociological survey for project: Upgrade & expand Quang Ngai water supply system from 20000 m3/day to 45000 m3/day which funded by ODA loan from Asian Development Bank.

Location of Quang Ngai city in Vietnam

Hòa Bình, Hạnh Phúc, Đoàn Kết, Bình Đẳng, Độc Lập, Tự Do means Peace, HappinessSolidarity, Equality, Independence, Liberty are villages belong to Tinh An Dong commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province. Those words also are eternally wish of Vietnam people in general, Quang Ngai inhabitants in particular. Use clean water to ensure health, improve living quality is an important part to implement above goals. Understand clearly about it, after the signing contract ceremony, leaders and officers of ICT company immediately implement initial works of the project, include: sociological survey, initial environment assessment, investor capability assessment and suggest design option. In which, the sociological survey work has been done in 23 wards, communes of Quang Ngai expanding city.

Quang Ngai city planning map vision to 2030

Tinh Ky commune – the farthest commune in comparation to current city

With the official letter of Quang Ngai water supply & sewerage and construction joint stock company, we and Mr. Le Van Tam – officer of Department of Technical and Planning contact to  Presidents, Vice presidents of wards and communes to get preliminary informations about living conditions of people. We almost received supportation from community officers. Talking with us, Mr. Vuong – Vice President of Tinh Ky commune people’s committee – the furthest area in water supply area let us know: Presently, a part of Tinh Ky commune is covered by a small water supply system. However, flow, quality, pressure, water supply time are not meet the demand of inhabitants. Beside, it is difficult to have a new connection. Apart from it, there are many household still use water contamine alum, they are willing to connect to future water supply system. On water supplied areas, there are many problems need to review, repair: on street population group number 8, Le Hong Phong ward, water from regulating lake infiltrate to water supply system and reduce water supply quality; on many areas, inhabitants complain that treated water contain muddy and sludge due to pipeline is old. In addition, many household can not make new connection due to the capacity of 20,000 m3/day of current water treatment plant is overload now. We better understand the necessity of the project, and realize that we have to try our best to fulfill wishes and aspirations of people.

Meeting invitation of Mr. Dang He – Leader of Ham Long village – Nghia Ha commune – Tu Nghia district

Understand clearly requirements of Asian Development Bank to ODA water projects, we designed a questionnaire which has 43 questions. Households can answer by circle or tick to select options or fill up information. In which, questionnaire is divided to 8 main parts: general information, job and income, present situation of infrastructure – healthcare system, water using situation, treated water quality and water supply service (for connected household), willingness to connect and paying ability. Our goal is research holistically and give best options to The project.

Meeting with leaders of villages at Tinh Ky commune people’s commitee

Village leaders and officers of Tinh Ky commune people’s committee discuss about the questionnaire.

With the approvals, supportations of leader, officers of ward/commune people’s committee, we organized meetings with heads of street population groups, village leaders to introduce about the necessary, the goal of the Project as well as sociological survey task of consultant team. We also came to hundred of households with village leaders. With the most diversity survey purpose, we have detail criterias to select household to survey: there are rich, medium and poor families, household head are male and female, social policy beneficiaries, families contributed to the revolution, water supplied household and non-water supplied household.

Meeting with village leaders at Nghia An commune, Tu Nghia district.

In survey and interview progress, we met many difficulties, from the first level – Commune/Ward people’s committee. Since, officers have to in charge of many different positions and works, thus they are not be able to help us anytime, or they can’t organize a meeting with heads of street population groups/village leaders soon, or they gave many request about legal documents, administrative procedure beside the official letter of Quang Ngai water company. We understand clearly that currently the compensation for those people are not worthy to their contribution and there are many works must be done for citizens. For instance, in the morning of Monday, 14 May 2012, we came to office of Nghia An Commune People’s Committee, the officers were very busy to settle free tuition fee mode according to Government circular to pupils, students who their parents live in boundary communes. Thus, it took us many time to explain our story and purpose. Afterward, an officer let us know that the meeting with village leaders will not be able to organize earlier than Friday, 18 May 2012. Despite worrying about the progress of work, but we did not have other selection beside waiting.

Came to Mr. Le Thien Vu’s house and interviewed at 8pm.

Interviewed Mr. Le Thien Vu – No.30 – Ngo Quyen street – Quang Ngai city.

We spent many time to explain to heads of street population groups and village leaders about the questionnaire. For households, they were mostly absent in daytime due to work and study, as well as suspect about our purpose. In some coastal communes as Nghia An, Tinh Ky, mostly people in the working age are offshore fisherman, only return home 2-3 months/time. In many household, there are only old people and children, thus survey work met many difficulties.

Interviewed Mr. Tran Anh Tuan – no.24 – Le Khiet street – Quang Ngai city

However, our consultant team is working with enthusiasm and determination to finish all reports and documents in time (end of June), and meet the requirements about loan application of Asian Development Bank.

We want to extend our thank to officers of 23 Ward/Commune/Town People’s Committee, to heads of street population groups, village leaders and households who supported us in this project. We wish to receive more supportation to implement project smoothly, favorable and effective.

Chanh Lo Ward People’s Committee – 146 Le Loi street – Quang Ngai city – Quang Ngai province.

Three girls of water supply project.

Those activities have been done in May 2012

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