They were born with wings, teacher help them to fly

“They were born with wings, teacher help them to fly” was the message on the picture frame which belongs to Len – a girl who I met last March 28 in California Garden Square.

Currently, she’s doing online business with her sister, but previously she was a teacher for special children (children with disability, i.e: deaf) in 3 years. Her schedule was 3 classes/day with a small salary. It was not worth with her (and her colleagues) efforts since she (they) was headache, tired, frustrated even was bitten and beaten by students. Despite of those difficulties, she still loves to teach since she wants to help people. She was happy to see people from not able to control of (even hurt) themselves to be able to do something.

One of her favourite students was a 32 yearsold girl (now 35). Her name is Kristine and she is disabled in her entire life. But she became more and more aggressive after she was raped at the age of 22. The person who raped her is also a disable person, thus, her family didn’t file a case.

Kristine never remember her name (and everyone’s name). She has new name everyday (if being asked), good thing is all of them is started by letter “K”. She bullied (beat, bite, etc) everyone nearby her include her family members, maids and even her teacher – Len. Len told me that in that case she need to show that she’s not fear of Kristine’s action (although inside she was really fear of it) so Kristine will know that Len is her “boss”. Kristine’s family can’t leave her alone, she may hurt herself. One time when she was alone, she killed a cat. She can drink 1.5 litre of Coca Cola straight. She can eat a lots of food in one time. (Again, her family can’t stop her). Her brain can’t recognize that it’s a lot. She’s really fat but she always think that she’s pregnant. Her time is stopped. She makes herself fat just to fulfill her belief about her pregnancy.

She’s a deaf (can’t hear, can’t talk) but she knows how to sign. And everytime when she see people talk, she thinks that they are talking bad things about her/against her, and she got mad. She needs two maids and the two maids just can whisper with a handkerchief to cover their mouths. Anyway, maid is changed monthly since no one can bear with her too long.

Kristine need to take 30 types of medicine everyday and each of pill/capsule/tablet is priced around 100 peso. For her study, her family need to pay to the teacher p800/hour. Sometimes Len stayed there in 5 hours, but the family still wants her to stay longer since they want peace and only Len was able to take Kristine calm down. And, all of her expenses (a huge amount) was sent from her mother who has been working in the US in 8 years. She hasn’t returned due to all of her salary, bonuses, airfares are spent on her daughter.

Luckier than Kristine, there are some special children were able to transfer from special class to regular class after years. Few of deafs were able to have a college degree (even master degree) but, finally, they just ended up as factory workers. No one wants to hire them in the office. Len was interpreter for some deafs in their job interviews (or visa interview), sadly, some factories just offered them the salary of P4000/month. She wants to help them to work with her online business if it is expanded. They need not to talk or listen, just use the computer and they can communicate by sign. They are loyal, they don’t know how to like and they deserve to be treated equal.

I can’t tell everything which kept me stay there in 2 hours and a half to just listen to her but I see that she has a kind heart. I see strength, brave, generosity and sympathy in that girl – who is willing to give, to help. She does it because she loves it, not because of money. Perhap she found her mission/reason to be born. And I wish her wishes come true.

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