Your hands – your miracle personal doctor

This story is not in chronological order, it’s just collected from many redundant conversations, after many of “Sorry, may you repeat? I don’t understand”, “May you spell it?”, “Andrew, you have said earlier that …, may I ask some more questions?”, “Andrew, final question, please”

Andrew Alarcon – a natural researcher & doctor who I met Apr 12 – 14, 2014 at San Narcisco, Zambales, Philippines brought to me lots of knowledge and new perspective in various aspects include “energy medicine” or can be called by “hands-on therapy”.

He studied Physics in UP (University of the Philippines) since he loves Physics, especially astrology. The turn lead he to become a doctor was when he met a Filipino woman (sooner or later when he was graduating). This woman was having a breast cancer but was cured successfully by an American doctor in 6 months in the US by his own therapy (which is called TKM therapy). The doctor wanted to bring this method to the Philippines with help from the Filipino woman, but, by some complicate reasons, he was being blacklisted by Philippines Immigration which is not allowed to enter the Philippines anymore. Thus, he wanted to find someone to transfer this method. Andrew was interested in it since it has common points with Physics – Energy. He went to the US to study from the doctor – his mentor in 3 years.

–  Why are they related to each other about “energy”? –  asked me.

– Well, I’m not sure you know about this: human body is a natural magnet, in which left hand is positive electrode and right hand is negative electrode. – said Andrew.

Make long story in short, TKM therapy which Andrew is applying, help to cure disease by natural electricity of our body. It basically can cure almost disease by light touch on body in a certain amount of time. There are 26 energy couple points (in opposite sides of body) are used in this method.

– There are 26 couple points, how about middle points? Is this method similar with acupuncture? – asked me.

– We do work on middle points, but not much. Yup, it may be similar with acupuncture, but in acupuncture, there are 2000 points. – said Andrew.

– Why are there 26 couple points? (not more or less)

– I don’t know exactly why, but you can imagine with military, if in acupuncture 2000 points are 2000 regular soldiers, so in hands-on therapy, 26 couple points are leaders. In this method, we impact to “leaders” only.

– May you teach me how to cure headache again?

– You may put your right hand on your head, your left hand on your forehead, may be 2/3/4 fingers, up to which one make you more comfortable. Relax, you may sit down or lying down. Keep it in 5-20 minutes.

– You said that you work on opposite points only, but we are impacting middle points, right?

– Actually by impacting middle points, we are helping couple points. We label number for those points. On your forehead, it is number 20.

Andrew told us how this method helped his girlfriend’s uncle. The uncle was accidently paralyzed when he was riding a bike and hit a cow. He was sent to local hospital but the doctors there said that they can’t do anything with his paralysis. They had him flown from Mindanao to Manila. Similarly, doctors said that the rest of his life would be in bed. Despite it, Andrew still persistently applied his own method which was not easy since there were lots of equipment and lines in bed. The uncle was sent back to Mindanao, and his family persistently applied instruction from Andrew. Fortunately, 7 months after the accident, the uncle can now stand on his own with help from others, and can walk some steps.

Before that, Jersey (the one who invited Sharon, Andrew and me to go there) told me that: In 2011, when he was in Hong Kong, he accidently broke his leg, his knee became swelling. Jersey texted Andrew, Andrew replied that: I can’t give you fully instruction right now since I don’t have the textbook with me, but in this case you can put your right hand on your knee, then put your left hand on your right hand. Jersey admitted that it reduced pain and swelling before he can reach a hospital. Furthermore, Andrew told us: in many surgeries, nurses were assigned to put their hands on patients’ body and it helped to save lots of blood loss.

When we were watching a movie together, a female character suddenly fell down and foaming on the mouth, everyone looked at Andrew. To answer our hidden question, Andrew said: in this case, her company can hold both of her thumps.

To describe more about the existence of bio-electrode magnet energy, Andrew told us about some patients unfortunately had to cut a part of their arms or legs but they still complain with doctors that they feel hurt at that non-existence body part. It is called “phantom pain”. Andrew explained: the removed body part still connects with the remaining body part by energy, phantom pain happens due to the stagnancy of energy on the position of the removed body part.

– In this case, how can you cure when it is no longer exist? – asked me.

– It’s not necessary to impact directly to the sore arm/leg, it can be cured by pathway to destroy the stagnant energy. For instance, your legs can be controlled by 2 points on Ilium. – said Andrew.

When decided to follow this career, Andrew believe that human body is created to heal any decease by itself. We need not to depend on medicine, pharmacy. The most important, necessary and best thing are cheapest, even free in most of the time. Miracle is in our hands.

Andrew also shared that natural herb, sunlight are the best for health. He was sharing about quinoa – a grain crop that can be stored in 7-10 years, can be cooked same with rice to eat, or we can put them in water. They will bloom, and we can eat, however, it can’t make us feel full.

Chatting on other topics, for example, recently, there are lots of reports about the appearance of UFO or alien. Andrew believes that there is 4D world, even multidimensional world around us. He told me: you can imagine a stick figure on a paper, you can see it, but it can’t see you. If you put something to its world, it’s same with someone from 4D world put something in your world, it’s being UFO.

Beside therapy, Andrew is really interested in inventing and self-sufficient. He wishes to build his own farm to plant vegetables and herb, as well as build a good community around to protect and help each other. He plans to have their own water supply resource and self-made solar panel to not depend on government.

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