Beautification project of He Cares Foundation and Kerygma

Every Wednesdays, the small compound named Beautification project of He Cares Foundation and Kerygma locates in Suburban area, Montalban, Rizal became crowded more than normal. The small ice cream vendor also became busier. The appearance of He Cares Foundation team together with activities and giving day attracted lots of people come here. On the reception desk for people to register and receive pray request, there are 3 different notebooks for 3 areas: Suburban area, Double L area and Kasiglahan village.

I walked around and saw Juirus, he’s repacking charcoal with his family members. He told they will sell them in their small sari-sari store, P10 each pack. There was someone took these charcoal in the forest, brought here and sold to them.  Talked with him, I have known that this area was created because of the relocation project of Government 10 years ago. There are around 17 blocks, each has some compounds, and each compound has 15 houses with more than 500 families are living here. To survive here after the relocation, people here work in different things: lots of them work in small factories, open small businesses or became tricycles drivers, some of them raise ducks, chickens and pigs to sell.

This story really connected me with what Tita Brenda told me last time I were in the Foundation. The Foundation cooperates with Government to help the relocated people since if they have no source of income, eventually, they will come back to previous places. Kuya Joe also told me that because of the presence of He Cares Foundation, the people here know that they were not left alone. Since then, I observed them, talked with them to see and feel what they have done and what they are doing. There are few things I can say:

  1. Every Wednesdays they come here to visit people and giving messages or teaching about life, education, family, etc for the people to have a higher mindset than what they are having right now, for people, to see themselves higher, not their situation right now.
  1. They have quarterly day of giving, this time they gave children school supply which they need or were missing. There are 385 families are covered, in which, there are 200 children are supplied. The boys and the girls were given different style of bags. I must say that the bags for girls are really cute (when I were a child I didn’t have something like that). Kuya Daryl, direct servant for the boys, told me that they bought it in Divisoria. When I open a bag of one boy, I must say it is … complete of school supplies: 8 notebooks, one Arctic Intermediate Pad, a plastic ruler, a box of crayons, glue, sticky tape, 5 ball pens, 3 pencils, one pencil cutter, even 2 pairs of socks and a trousers. Name of the child who receives it is already on the bag and on the list which they need to sign. Depend on the person receives, it can be trousers, shirt or shoes. Besides that, they also receive some paper and plastic stuffs. Afterward, I even saw Kuya Joe gave shoes allowance for college students (p500 each student).
  1. They opened a textile factory to produce clothes by order 4 years ago. There are 12 girls work there and this time they produce dresses for baby girls. The buyer provides cloth materials and Kuya Joe provides them sewing machines, cotton yarns and other stuffs. They work from 8am to 8pm, 6 days/week, sometime overtime. They need to have 50 pieces/person/week, but for any exceed products, they get paid p17.50/product. And those products will be sold to Malls, I wish to see those products one day in Robinsons or SM.
  1. Started last April, they helped people to open barbecue vendors, and currently there are 10 vendors. In which, the Foundation provides them mostly everything: standing, barbecue grill, umbrella, barbecue sticks, sauce. They just need to grill by themselves and sell and they will get commission for selling them. As Irene told us, they sell pisngi stick for 5 piso, pork barbecue for 8 piso and hotdog for 12 piso.
  1. In addition, there are micro finance projects which the Foundation lends money for people to start their own business.

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