Finish the synthesis project: Design improvement expand DBP city WSS

Today, Dec 13, 2009, I original finish synthesis project: Design improvement expand Dien Bien Phu city water supply system – Dien Bien province.

I want to give my thanks to Mr. Hoat and Mr. Khang – Dong Duong contruction and design consultancy Company– C46 TT7 – Van Quan Urban who took me to this thread.

I want to give my deep and sincere thank to Master. Le Manh Ha who dedicated guided me in this project. Thank group 2’s friends. Thank Mr. Que – Vice director of Dien Bien water treatment plan, Mr. Tuan – Planning Department of Dien Bien WTP, Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Quang Thach – Hong Hai consultant Company –  No.50 – Group 6 – Thanh Truong ward – Dien Bien Phu city. Especially, Mr. Nguyen who helped me a lot to find data for project.

Thank my 314’s roommates (who helped me in use Sap and Etab to run Epanet lol ),particular thank Linh Cau who introduced me with Mr. Que

Today the teacher who checked me was Mr. Nam, his major are about water intake facilities and pumping station but my network system is gravity water supply, without water tower, without raw water pumping station and treated water pumping station. So it lost 1/3 project volume and he didn’t ask me too much.

+ Dear Sir, my subject is: Design improvement expand Dien Bien Phu city water supply system. When design improvement expand, it’s necessary to care about all natural, social conditions, especially about current system, so I found some informations as follow:…. – said me.

+ How is current water supply system? – said Mr.Nam

+ Dear Sir, there are mostly cast iron pipes in current water supply system, it’s gravity water supply. Water source is Nam Khau Hu stream. Water treatment plant built from 1998, original operation in 2004. Current WTP has a vertical mixing tank, lamella settling tank, 2 reservoir, one cyclindrical with volume of 1000m3, one rectangular with volume of 2000 m3. I shown the current WTP in drawing of WTP… – said me

+ Talk about it later, now we see about the alignment. I don’t understand why in your currentation drawing and new solution drawing, the pipes from WTP both are 400mm diameter. – said Mr.Nam

+ I calculated with Epanet and it’s enough with D400. – said me

+ So your current conditions are wrong. – said Mr. Nam

+ Your second option is unreasonable. Why do you built another WTP here? It need addition line technology, addition production team, addition management house… – said Mr.Nam

+ So I selected option 1 is calculating option. – said me

+ Why did you do as it, took an unreasonable option to compare with a reasonable option. If you do it in reality work, investor will refuse you. Supposing, you put this WTP at another place with another water source, it’s no problem, but you used with same water source. – said Mr. Nam

+ Why did you label these areas different? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, I partitioned water supply areas according to parallel subdivision map. – said me

+ How’s parallel subdivision map? – said Mr. Nam

+ It’s apply with topography which has steep slope. In this drawing the primary pipes labelled by A,B,C,D,E. This pipeline only has task delivery water for secondary pipelines. The secondary pipelines labelled according to region, region I are 1.1, 1.2… region II are 2.1, 2.2… – said me

+ Ok. Why did you partition by this method, why not other method? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, it’s method partition according to roadmap, a roadmap is equivalent to a day for a staff of WTP read customer’s meter to request customer pay their monthly water fee. A region which partition by roadmap has 500 to 3000 customers. It would be more correct if I partitioned more regions, a region is a ward, yet time for doing project is limit, so I only partitioned 3 regions: region I is Thanh Minh commune, region II includ Him Lam ward, Noong Bua ward, Muong Thanh ward, region III includ Tan Thanh ward and 3 other wards which I don’t remember name. Customer meters in these regions have same primary pipeline, have same block meter and managed by same water management team. – said me

+ Hmm, ok, show me your explaination document… Why in your hydraulic calculation, there are 2 points have high pressure 62.43m. It’s in maximum hour, so if in minimum hour, it can rise to 100. – said Mr. Nam

+ …. I tried in adjustment, but it can’t be better. If I rise pipe’s diameter, pressure will decrease, but velocity will too low.

He shaked his head.

+ Why are not any fire hydrant avaiable here in your drawing? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, this is secondary pipeline, D below 300, it hasn’t fire hydrant in general. – said me

+ Oh, so it’s not necessary to fire fighting here? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, Mr. Ha said that. – said me

He shaked his head.

+ How is your technology line? – said Mr. Nam

+ Firstly, pre-chlorined for raw water, after that, it goes to vertical mixing tank… – said me

+ Why does it need pre-chlorine? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, because water has high turbidity and high color. – said me

+ Is it enough? – said Mr Nam

+ Dear Sir, pre-chlorine to ensure uniformity of raw water quality between flood season and dry season, don’t affect to behind facilities. – said me

+ It’s sub reason, what’s main reason? – said Mr. Nam

(I kept silent)

+ In fact, it’s not necessary to pre-chlorine in flood season, it’s necessary when water is stability. Do you know why? – said Mr. Nam

(I kept silent)

+ Because when the water flow constantly, it will rise development ability of algae and moss, water has high disturbance, algae and moss will difficult to develop. – said Mr. Nam

(I nodded)

+ Why did you use vertical septal reaction tank while treatment water with lime? – said Mr. Nam

+ Because my WTP has small capacity so I use this type of tank. – said me

+ It’s theory, yet WTP have big capacity can use it, and the height of tank will high. – said Mr. Nam

+ But, dear Sir, Dien Bien is a mountainous province which have 1/3 population are ethnic minority, tough finance condition, it’s difficult in construction and management problem if use mechanic reaction tank… – said me

+ But you must pay attention to the reasonable or technology. You use lime with septal, lime will quickly stick full to water collection slit, it makes flow constraction or worker must usually clean sticked lime… – said Mr. Nam

(I kept silent and nodded)

+ Why did you not put dimension for the current WTP? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, I ever put demension before, but Mr. Ha said that: old WTP is not the part which you do so you don’t need to put dimension, it makes drawing more tangled. – said me

+ I said that: you don’t need to put detail dimensions, but general dimensions, you must to have. How far from this new reservoir to that old reservoir? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, there is dimension line, 7.5 m. – said me

+ What’s it? – said Mr. Nam

+ It’s land for reserve development. – said me

+ You expanded, what do you want to expand? – said Mr. Nam

+ Dear Sir, I designed according to development periods, WTP still can expand when urban develop. – said me

+ But no one do as you, when you want to expand again, you can build to another place or upgrade old technology line, if you continue to expand, it isn’t enough land for you, and it will have 3 technology lines here. – said Mr. Nam

(I kept silent)


+ Ok, you can fold your project… – said Mr. Nam

Mr. Le Manh Ha – my guide teacher (the right one)

Mr. Nguyen Van Nam – my checked teacher (the left one)

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