Ate Fritz, “A” and Mahia

Office of Mayor, Lucban, Quezon province
Office of Mayor, Lucban, Quezon province
Have you ever experienced travel to a far place, then meet a person who you never met before and suddenly you have a home, and being treated like a family member or a long time friend?

Is it COOL, is it GREAT, is it EXCITING, is it touching? If you want to experience it, go to Ate Fritz. She is one of the best GIVER/care giver who I have known.
I selected Lucban, Quezon province as a place to get away of Manila last Jan 14-16. Ate Fritz accepted to host me and instruct me to go to Sariaya first. I treated myself tamales & bibingca there. We met her nephew who is going to be a priest. He was playing volley ball in a friendly match with his classmate. Rowan is a Grade 7 student at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary. He was being taken care by Fritz since he was 4 years old. She treated him as her own son.
With Rowan Fonzy Sison Ramos
With Rowan Fonzy Sison Ramos
We went to Tayabas Basilica and met “A” afterward. With their help, I were able to climb to the highest place of the largest church in Quezon province, which is built in a shape of key.
(A is the first letter of the first name of a person who doesn’t want to appear in social media)
“A” drove the car of Ate Fritz to bring us to Malagonlong Bridge – the stone arch bridge built during the Spanish colonial period in Tayabas.
“A” treated us in buddy restaurant. He seldom talks, I try to talk with him by asking questions (still finding the best way to communicate with people without asking too much questions or telling too much about myself). He bought budin and tikoy for me before we go to Lucban. On jeepney, Ate Fritz told me that Father Archie is happy when accommodating visitors, she can see it in his eyes.
Ate Fritz lives in a 2 floors apartment, she bought a bunk bed and a single bed so she can accommodate more visitors. She lives with a dog whose name is Mahia.
She accommodated me the best, not only a shelter, but she cancelled her schedule for me, took me to places, brought for me the best foods, offer me the best things and even didn’t allow me to wash the dishes.
I be friended with her dog – Mahia as well.
The next day, we walked to Lucban public market. Fritz made salad with pako, camatis, onion, salted egg, green mango, calamansi & honey. I made Vietnamese spring rolls with carabeef (carabao meat), carrot, singkamas, cabbage, onion, dried mushroom, onion spring, coriander, pepper. Sauce is patis, asukal, calamansi, garlic, chili with water. It was my first time to make spring rolls with carabeef.
“A” came with lots of foods as well.
Ate Fritz, Mahia, me and Father Archie were going to have lunch
When we travel, she always take the part of carry heavy things, offer to take pictures for me.
We went to San Luis Obispo Parish then Taytay Water Falls afterward. Finally, “A” dropped us at Kamay Ni Hesus.
For all the time I were staying there, I just thought maybe I can live like that, faraway from the cities, enjoy the mountain, the fresh air, and be stress-free.
Ate Fritz has her own business as a supplier for souvenir shops at Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Church. She selected this life so she can be free and can travel more. Her goal of 2015 is accommodating more and more CSers.
She started with printing 500 T-shirts, she also supply bags and hats. She has online business and has done her first business, selling yema when she was at grade 4.
365 days in a year, only 65 days it doesn’t rain in Lucban. Luckily when I were there, it didn’t rain so much.
With Ate Fritz at a souvenir shop
The next day we had a long breakfast with long conversation, then we went out to the city for a while. Then came back to consume the Laing (Taro leaves with coconut milk which “A” bought).
Ate Fritz sent me to jeepney station, I were back to Manila by 8pm.
Taytay Water Falls
Information: Travel expenses: around p190 one way ticket for the main bus (Manila – Lucena), not yet included jeepney and other buses.
Jan 14 – 16, 2015

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