Manila South Cemetary

When you first see this picture, how can you say it look like?

For me, it looks like a peaceful subdivision, with a group of youth are playing basket ball, some audiences, a woman is selling ice cream, and yes, a dog.

But … it is inside a cemetery. WHAT? A cemetery.

Manila South Cemetery (MSC) has only one entrance gate locate at South avenue. It’s home for many people.

There are some stores selling flowers, candles, some sari-sari stores

You can buy a halo halo p25 in this store

People here use the big tombs as their houses. Have a look to a house, I can see an electric fan, gas stove, a broom, …

I also see gadgets like phones, laptops, music players somewhere.

I see cars, motorbikes, tricycles, pedicabs, … in the cemetery.

Three children are playing on a street, a woman is teasing them

Without these tombs, no one can think that it’s a cemetery

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