Vung Tau city. The condo unit. Lan Rung resort. The workshop of Ravi Pradhan.

Vung Tau city

  • We went to Vung Tau city and stayed at Lan Rung resort from Mar 31 to Apr 3. The place I have been to in the city is a cool, clean and peaceful. It’s not crowded.

  • It is being known in Vietnam for oil exploration and tourism (beaches).
  • It’s 2 hour ride by bus or 1.5 hour ride by hydrofoil from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Normally,
  • People here are nice. There are lots of foreigners who work or travel here. I met some people who moved from the North as well and they enjoy their lives here.
  • When I tried to find a way to walk down and approach the beach, there was a Vietnamese man willingly help me to go down. And he said he helped many people already, include foreigners, although he doesn’t speak English. He just saw them open their hand toward him, and he understands. He said he usually help people like that, even just someone on the street. His name is Nam, he is a welder who usually spend time after work here for a while before go home. He has 3 children and one of them is studying foreign language in an University in Saigon. And he’s proud of his children so much.

The condo unit.

(I visited a condominium to help my friend to find one unit).

  • The Condominium named Vung Tau apartment (Blue Sea) locates on no.165 Thuy Van street. It is:
    + close the beach (around 100 meters). (swimming on the sea in evenings is prohibited)
    + around 2km to nearest public market (Chợ Vũng Tàu).
    + around 950 m to nearest super market (Lotte Mart).
    + around 2km to nearest bus terminal. (Normally bus company will provide transit van to pick up passengers for free).
    + around 5km to Vung Tau airport. (It’s domestic airport only)
    + it has the most reasonable renting price compare to other condominiums which are also close to the beach.
    + Public vehicle inside the city is few and not convenient. But taxis and motorbike taxis are easy to find (or call).

  • The first 3 floors of the building are hotel.
  • The 4th floor up to 22nd floor are residential floors.
  • According to the people who I met here, almost people stay in the building are foreigners or Vietnamese who lived oversea. (I saw some foreigners as well).
  • There is an empty land in front of the building. I asked them if something will be built and cover the view of the unit. They said it’s a villa project which in next 3 years, nothing will be built. And if it will be built, it will be just 2-3 floors.————
  • I visited 2 units on 4th and 7th floor which has 2 bedrooms. 90m2 for one unit.
  • There isn’t one bedroom or 4 bedrooms unit. The 3 bedrooms unit isn’t available by that time. And, if any, the rent would be at least 800usd/month.
  • Only 4th, 7th, 10th and 18th floor has view-to-sea units available by that time. higher floor – higher price. View to the city is cheaper than view to the sea a little.
  • For example: (View to the sea) 4th floor: 7 million VND/month
  •    7th floor: 10 million VND/month
  •   10th floor: 12 million VND/month
  •   18th floor: at least 600usd/month.
  • (View to the city) 9th floor: 9 million VND/month
  • This price is for a stay of at least 6 months to one year. Shorter time, it will be higher. (They said, weekends or holidays they can let the unit for rent with 2.5 million/night)
  • ———–
  • Both units has: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fridge, aircons, electric fans, washing machine, cooking utensils, TV, tables & chairs, beds & mattresses.
  • (7th floor) unit: only one room has bed.
  • (4th floor) unit: both rooms has bed.
  • The owner of (4th floor) told me that if the tenant(s) stay long (one year), she would provide the tenants what else they want. (She still has 2 working tables and 2 small wardrobes which she bought for her previous tenants).
  • Conditions to rent: your passport to register, 2 month deposit, one month advance.
  • ———-
  • Utilities:

– Water: 7,500 VND/m3,
– Association due: 375,000/unit/month (for 2 bedrooms unit).
– Electricity: 3,000 VND/kWh
– Internet: around 450,000VND/month for the speed of (6,144 Kbps upload; 768 Kbps download).

Lan Rung resort

  • Lan Rung is an unique resort at Vung Tau city. It has its own private beach, swimming pool, spa and old-style architecture. It has more than 300 employees from different departments: Front Office, Food & Beverage, Admin, Accounting, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Sale & Marketing, Storage, … with around 12 managers/key people

Ravi Pradhan

  • Ravi Pradhan is a Nepalese by blood, an American by citizenship, a Buddhist by religion, a management/leadership coach/trainer by profession. A very healthy person by lifestyle. He really control his eating habit, lessen sugar and carbohydrate. He consumes more of vegetables and fishes. His regular/favorite drink is avocado smoothie without sugar and condensed milk, only fresh milk. There were time he asked for coconut smoothie, lemon with hot water or tea.
  • He practices tai-chi, chi-gong and yoga regularly.
  • And, what else I can tell about him? A very understanding person. Before we started, he introduced me as an interpreter and said: I understand that it is difficult to translate between the two languages, if you have anything to comment about the translation, just tell her.
  • Not only me, in his training, he usually tell people that: it’s ok to make mistake, no need to embarrass. Before a tricky question or practice, he makes something make people enjoy/relax first.

The Workshop: Transforming Quality

  • It’s a 2-day workshop which Ravi conducted for free as a trial.
  • The Attendants (12 or more) shared their surprise, interests when attend the workshop. Before going here, they thought it would be boring and stressful, but in contrast, it was interesting and relaxed, open their mind and help them to think out of box. They also surprise when a workshop about leadership and management has lots of practices about breathing, mindfulness; has games like nine dots, blue and red; encourage people to give any idea, even crazy.
  • People understand themselves more, each other more and being more connected. They have new perspectives, something which is so relevant, but never thought or learned about before.

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