Vietnam Working Visa Application

I helped a Filipino friend to get a *one year multiple entry working visa* just last month.
To be able to help him, I emailed any visa agency which I can find on internet (at least 12 agencies, I think).
I also went to office of a visa agency on De Tham street, District 1.
But finally, we (my friend and me) selected a visa agency in Hanoi to work

We selected them because of their enthusiasm, showing responsibility,
evidence of results, and has the most reasonable price. (The others quoted
us from $600 to $750, one quoted us $530 but not that responding my
concerns. In which $400 is their service fee and $130 is the payment for the company which they found).

The one we worked with was Nguyen Vu Travel Service <>.
In particular, we worked with Mr. Vuong.
He quoted us $520 for this service, it’s not included $135 for the visa
which my friend need to pay at Vietnam Embassy in the Philippines.
All we need to do is: send him the scanned version of my friend’s passport,
a deposit amount (6,000,000 VND) to his bank account, tell him what day do
you want the visa be effective and wait.

So we sent him what he requested on May 5. On May 14, he told us that the
two Approval Letters for the visa is done. He sent us one of them, and we
need to send the remaining of money, so he will send the remaining letter.
(Note that the remaining amount depends on USD – VND exchange rate on that

Then after I deposited the rest of the payment, he emailed me the remaining
Approval Letter. My friend just need to have the two letters printed, with
his passport, bring to Vietnam Embassy in Manila, pay $135 to have his visa

So I actually found his service easy, fast and hassle-free. (There was a
problem on the date, but he took responsibility for it). I would recommend
him to other people.

You can email him directly to to ask about that.
Or, if you need, I can help you to ask him (I’ll include you in cc), as long as
you tell me your visa, passport situation and what do you want.

This picture I took in Ho Chi Minh city Immigration Office.

So if you are currently staying in Vietnam, what you need to do is:
– Get out of Vietnam (go to Laos for example).

Vì vậy nếu bạn đang ở Việt Nam, điều bạn cần làm là:
– Đi ra khỏi Việt Nam (ví dụ sang Lào)

In the time you stay outside of Vietnam, your employer (together with visa agency)
need to submit some documents to Department of Immigration (DoI), include:

Trong thời gian bạn ở ngoài VN, chủ sử dụng lao động của bạn (cùng với dịch vụ
visa) cần nộp một số giấy tờ sau cho Cục Xuất nhập cảnh, bao gồm:

1.    Copy of Business Certificate (notarized)
Giấy Chứng nhận Đăng ký Kinh doanh (sao y công chứng)
2.    List of Council members (notarized)
Danh sách Hội đồng Thành viên (sao y công chứng)
3.    Seal register certificate (notarized)
Giấy chứng nhận đăng ký con dấu (sao y công chứng)
4.    Tax identification number certificate (notarized)
Giấy chứng nhận mã số thuế (sao y công chứng)
5.    Application of Immigration Procedure  (sample)
Đơn xin đăng ký thủ tục XNC (mẫu)
6.    Official Letter send to Immigration Office (sample: English VNese)
Công văn gửi cục Quản lý XNC (mẫu)
7.    Application to introduce seal and signature of Company Leader
Đơn giới thiệu con dấu và chữ ký Lãnh đạo Công ty (mẫu: DK CK MD)
8.    Two introduction letters (sample)
Hai giấy giới thiệu ký tên đóng dấu sẵn (mẫu)
9.    Two-way airplane tickets. Vé máy bay khứ hồi
10.   Photocopy of passport. Photo hộ chiếu
11.   Working schedule (sample). Lịch làm việc (mẫu)
All the (notarized) documents just need to submit if they haveN’T processed
working visa for someone (foreigner) before.
The (9) two-way airplane tickets maybe not necessary for you if you will travel to VN by land
The (sample)s, visa agency will provide, your employer just need to sign and seal.

Tất cả văn bản sao y công chứng chỉ phải nộp nếu Công ty chưa từng làm
thị thực làm việc cho người nước ngoài nào bao giờ.
Vé máy bay khứ hồi có thể không cần nếu bạn đến VN bằng đường bộ.
Những (mẫu), dịch vụ visa sẽ cung cấp, công ty của bạn chỉ cần ký và đóng dấu.

Normally, it will take 7-10 working days to process,
then if it will be successful, the DoI will issue 2 Official Letters,
one send to your employer,
one send to Vietnam embassy abroad (i.e: Vietnam embassy in Laos)

Thông thường, sẽ mất từ 7-10 ngày làm việc để tiến hành,
nếu thành công, Cục XNC sẽ phát hành 2 công văn,
một gửi cho Công ty của bạn,
một gửi cho Đại sứ quán VN ở nước ngoài (vd: DSQ VN tại Lào)

The two Official Letters look like as follow:
Hai công văn trông như sau:

Then you can bring your passport, with passport size photo,
go to Vietnam embassy, fill up declaration form (Declaration),
then get your visa stamped, then you can go back to Vietnam.

Sau đó bạn có thể mang hộ chiếu, với ảnh cỡ hộ chiếu đến
DSQ, điền vào tờ khai, rồi được đóng dấu visa vào hộ chiếu,
giờ bạn có thể về VN.

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