Supervisory University Entrance Exam – Coi thi Đại học

July 05, 2010

This morning I were being awaken by the voice from speaker: “Invite one supervisor come back to Examination Directing Room to get exam questions”. It was one year from the day I joined the supervisor team for entrance exam of university. I know that there was, are and will be lots of students have change to monitor the exam, but I still feel happy and honor because I joined it. What a pity, it maybe my first and last time. Knowing that, I’m more miss and pity.

Since the time I were still studying, though morning or afternoon, I usually pass by canteen by noon time. In canteen, there is a special room for teachers only. I were never allowed to enter it, I don’t know how is it, don’t know how is that world. So I’m very curious, and when I monitor the exam, I know one part of it. The feeling of sitting in Examination Directing Room at U204 (room no) is unforgettable. I will very, very remember the voice from speaker. Very remember the feeling sitting in exam room observing candidates. Also remember when checking cards of candidates. And specially, remember the monitoring session with Teacher Nguyễn Duy Hiếu – although I know that how close it is, it is just less than 240 mins and when getting out of room, then not having chance to talk like that forever. He also advised me to study English more … From that time until now, I met some candidates again, some of them recognized me. My most favourite examinee is Bùi Thị Phương studying at 09MT class. Indeed, she is very beautiful and nice.

And the post from last year …

First of all, to have this chance, I have to express my deep thank to Lê Hải Minh – class leader of 05N1.

University Entrance Exam Phase I

First day: July 03, 2009 (welcoming candidates):

7am to, at school, asking teacher Nguyên where do supervisories gather, he points to U204. Just entering U204, meet Teacher Đức (principal), suddently feel so happy/funny. First time to do monitor, feel nervous. I arrived quite early, a while later, the room is full, Teacher Phung started to call the roll, some students from Construction Department came late, the first 10 people were called, only one present. Today I met lots of teachers in the school, both I know or haven’t known, feel so happy. I also met Teacher Công – my examiner for oral examination of sector management subject few days ago, teacher Vi Văn Định – construction machine, teacher Trình – Structural Mechanic, Teacher Liên – Strength of Materials, Teacher Hà – Reinforced Concrete, Teacher Lượng – Steel Structure… Teachers in Urban Department maybe go to another place, I haven’t met anyone. In this training, I feel so interesting, teachers have time to be called the roll as students. Teacher Đức gave a speech, he’s always like that, whatever he say is so interesting. This atmosphere is so warm and interesting. Then the teachers tell again about examination rules, things need to be noted, and situations happened before.

There are 3 places to organize entrance exam to the school: Hà Nội, Vinh and Quy Nhơn. At Hà Nội, there are 5 exam places, I stay at school. The Hanoi Architectural University exam place has 80 exam rooms, are divided into 3 groups. When teacher Phung started to read the list assign supervisories to groups, I heard two names: Teacher Phan Tự Hướng and Teacher Đặng Vũ Hiệp, it makes me think right away to 2 usernames on Cadviet forum. I have feelings that they are, and feel happy.

I were in charge of exam room no 17 (U301). When just entered the exam room, I called the co-supervisor is “teacher”, but he calls me “em”, and call himself “anh”, so shy! Later I know that this guys is Đào Xuân Phương, work in Tropical Architecture Institute.

Today there are only 28/32 candidates presence. The most complicate is when checking Graduation Certificate or Temporarily Graduation Certificate and collecting exam fee. Exam fee is only 80,000 but candidates usually brings 100.000. Then I have to priority who has small bill pay first, finally it is fine. There are 2 cases candidates info of birth place and gender, the rest is fine. Only the cash declaration isn’t fine, have all denominations except 200,000. Then everything is fine.

July 04, 2009:

6am at school: a blue shirt row of volunteering students outside of school. It is raining. Traffic outside and inside school, try to elbow to go to U204. Today re-dividing groups, I’m in Group 1. Afterward, supervisories draw the lots to select exam room. Supervisor no.1 first, supervisor no. 2 later.

The first exam is mathematic. The first time I entered exam room without examinee role but superivisory role. I’m in charge of room no. 64 (C204), with Teacher Đinh Tuấn Hải – teaching subject Urban transportation – class of chị Dung (04D1). When I arrive, he is writing registration number, each exam session has different ways of writing this according to the requirements of Ministry of Education. This room, all candidates’ name started by “Th”, in this room there are more female than male, the one yesterday, only one female. I checked documents of candidates very careful: temporarily graduation certificate, identification card and exam registration card. After the candidates entered the room, starting to give exam paper and drafting paper, but not sign yet. When there is a notification to getting exam questions, teacher told me: “You go to get exam questions”. I said: “You are supervisor number 1, you are the one go to get them”. Then he goes. And I continued to give papers and starting to sign, both exam paper and drafting paper.

After getting exam questions, when there is a notification, supervisor number 1 raised exam questions bag and request all candidates witness that the bag is still sealed.

This exam room has 24/32 candidates joined. It’s quite busy, many things to do. Giving papers, signing, writing full name. Then sign on attendant list, exam paper bag, exam questions bags. After I wrote my name, there is a female examinee said: “Your name is so weird”.

In general, candidates are confuse with “Write registration number in number and in words”, some candidates forget to write exam room no.

After 15 minutes, there is a supervisor go to collect exceed questions papers. After half of time, starting to collect exam registration card.

I observe the people in the room and think: among them, some will pass, some will fail, and maybe someone will become a lecturer from this room.

Then I think about the names: Phan Bá Công, Đinh Thị Ngọc Trâm, Nguyễn Việt Chiến, Phạm Thị Bảo Ngọc … are doing the exam somewhere.

First time doing this, feel so happy. And it’s true that standing in front can be easily detect examinee cheating or not. Who can do it well, who don’t, I also know. I feel that today I’m a professional supervisor. I also alarm candidates but moderate, gentle.

When we go back to U204 room, Teacher Hải submitted exam papers, I submitted exceed papers. All teachers come here, crowded like a festival. All exam papers have to organized as required, then be sealed by 3 seals.

In general, this morning exam happened safely and seriously.

1pm: Multiple choice questions for Physic. Co-Supervisor is Nguyễn Ngọc Lan Hương class 05M. The teachers are a little bit nonchalant, letting 2 girls first time experience together. Luckily, we were in extended room (U210), 2 exam rooms in 1 big room, and the next room, there are 2 teachers, so it’s easy to ask. My room is 08, has 29/33 candidates. Initial letters are “Ch”. Today there is one examinee was born in 1984, one 1987, one 1989, the rest are 1990 and 1991. I remember clearly that there is one examinee name Tạ Đình Chiến, was born in 1987, registration no 00257 and questions code is 257 since he was sitting on the first table, do the exam seriously.

Multiple choice exam made me so relax, need not to sign many things, but have to check carefully to see two candidates next to each other is same questions code or not, if duplicate, have to change the seat, and re-write registration number.

Teacher Đỗ Đình Đức with a group of teachers passed by, perhaps this is Inspection Team.

In general, exam room this afternoon isn’t serious like morning. When collecting test papers, I weren’t satisfy with Lan Hương, since I were in charge of collecting test papers and she was in charge of maintaining order, but she let candidates go home before I finish collecting, it violents the rules. I weren’t able to take care of it. When we checked again, there are 2 small mistakes, but they all went home, can’t correct it. Hopefully it will be ok.

May 07, 2009:

This morning the exam was Fine Arts Drawing 1 (gypsum head statue), the test this year was a beautiful female head. It’s my first time to experience drawing exam. The statue is being located at the end of the room, tables and chairs are being gathered up at the chalkboard side and organized as “theatre” type: surrounding the statue and gradually higher. In this exam, candidates can freely select where to have a seat, first come first serve basis. This exam doesn’t limit position and actions as Math and Physics. Supervisories are also relaxed, but the time is too long, 240 minutes. Collecting the test paper by 11:15am.

Today I’m in charge of exam room no 67 (C203) with Teacher Lê Thu Giang. She is Urban Economic Lecturer of Urban Management Department. She was born in 1986 so she asked me to call her “older sister” but I was shy so I still called “teacher”. I see that she has something similar with chị Mai, also chubby, wearing a glasses same with chị Mai, and also study hard like chị Mai. In general, we talked a lot, she advised me to get a 2nd degree about Economy.

This morning there are 24/32 candidates joined, initial letter “T”. An candidates named Trần Quốc Toản (same name with a famous person in Vietnam history), asked to go home while not yet finish 2/3 of time. One examinee, I saw that he drew a lot already, then erased all and draw … flower. When I asked, he said he built the layout wrong so he doesn’t want to draw anymore. Few candidates did the exam good, but there are 3 of them drew very beautiful. Look likes Goddess statue. In general, the exam is being judged that difficult, since the statue is a cherubic young female, there aren’t many edges.

The five above pictures, I get from this website.

When I saw the candidates raising their pencils, close one eye to measure the statue, I suddently think about anh Nguyễn Tiến Chinh (my favourite male cousin). Sure that he attended an exam like this. He got a fever by that time, there was a “lady” gave him a handkerchip. When he got into the schoold, he hold it and find her but didn’t see. Maybe she failed.

This afternoon was subject was MT2: Compositon.

The exam test is: This year, Hanoi Architectural University , celebrate 40 years establishment (1969-2009). Please draw composition in a square or rectangular with any dimensions, as long as it’s balance on exam sheet to welcome this event.

Number 40 and school’s Logo are being considered as elements in the drawing to combine with other lines/outlines in the drawing. của trường được coi là những thành phần trong bố cục để kết hợp với các đường nét khác trong bài vẽ. Demonstrated by black pencil, fill up shapes/forms not over 4 color levels, in which the white of paper is one color level.

Our school logo

This afternoon I was in charge of room no 50 (B204), there are 22/32 candidates joined. Initial letters were P and Q. Mostly candidates look not enjoy after read the question/requirement. Many of them went home early. In general, supervisoring for drawing exam feel really interesting, nothing restrictive. Being able to watch drawings, different ideas, not any drawing looks like another, very interesting. Since it’s open question, can’t use documents, so the most important thing is check if candidates has someone supported or not.

This afternoon is the most beautiful exam supervisory session, since I were with Teacher Nguyễn Duy Hiếu, he teaches Construction Material subject. There aren’t enough words to talk about him but must say that he’s a very nice person, very humor, very enthusiasm, know how to listen and share. Although it is just 240 mins, but I don’t feel tired, boring, since talking with him is very interesting. In his life, sure that he talked with many students, and maybe he will forget me, but with me, it’s a rememberable moments. We talked about lots of things: family, study, in school, in socio … At that time, he’s only a teacher but also a friend. Normally when I talk with teachers, I am very careful in words, selecting what should say and shouldn’t. Since “what I say now maybe become evidence to against me in future”. But with him, don’t understand why I am easily telling things that normally I just tell to relatives or close friends. He’s older than me 26 years old, but why there are people make others forget about distance of age. He’s really a wonderful person, make me talk passionately without feeling bored. He gave me useful and dedication advices. Our exam room is the one finished first. Once we get back to Examination Directing Room, submitted and sealed the test papers, I still don’t want to go home yet. I still want to hold that moment. I have been wishing to know the world of teachers, how is it, and now I know one part of it. I still feel pity one thing: I should say thank to teacher Hiếu. I planned to say: “I were really happy to talk with you today and I’m so thankful for your advices”, but I didn’t. I were afraid that he think I flattery him, but in fact, I praise him. Ought to before go home I should say something meaningful. But I didn’t. But that’s life, no one is perfect. Everything like that is good already. With me, this occasion not only bring economic benefit, but also many other things which money couldn’t buy.

In general, the exam this year at Hanoi Architectural University happened safely, seriously, right with rules. It’s a beautiful memory for me. There are many small things which I can’t mention all in a personal blog, as well as there are things which shouldn’t tell.

One more time, thank you Lê Hải Minh for giving me this opportunity!

University Entrance Exam Phase II

July 8, 2009:

Joining this phase 2, I recognized some of my mistakes in the phase 1. But it doesn’t affect much. Phase 2 is group H, lessen candidates in comparison with phase 1, so the atmosphere is more boring. Only 19 exam rooms from no 217 to 236 so don’t require lots of supevisors, mostly School office staffs, not any teachers joined. And only 18 students joined as supervisors. Today, gathering candidates, announcing rules and collecting fees. I were being assigned to room no 223 (U208) with Ms. NTH. I saw that she violents somethings in the rules, but I don’t know what to do. Today only 15/27 candidates joined.

July 9, 2009:

It’s so relaxed for Literature subject, the whole room has … 9/27 candidates, I were with anh Vũ Mạnh Cường, room no 222. One candidate was born int 1987, the rest were 89,90,91.  Literature question of this year has one sentence I really like:

In the letter sending to his son’s teacher, President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) wrote: ” In school, teacher, it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat”. (According to Literature Grade 10, Ngữ văn 10, episode 2, Education Publisher, 2006, page.135).
From that opinion, please write a short essay (not more than 600 words) to express your thinking about the honest character in exam as well as in life?

Today there is an Inspector from Ministry of Construction entered our room, but everything is fine.

July 10, 2009: Today the exam is about Geometric Art in 480 minutes. I were in charge of room no 230 (U309) with Mr. Nguyễn Hải Nguyên – Students’ works and politics Department. There are 17/27 candidates joined. At the beginning of the exam session, I smiled a lot, since the exam question is so funny! I don’t understand why people can follow this drawing career. Signing 17 A1-size papers make me tired, but candidates brought drawing boards, pens, measuring stick, plumb, … everything. An hour later I feel sad and disappointed. If I can do it again, I would do it differently, need to be more strict. There is a candidate was born in 1986, draw very beautiful, very similar. But worth to be making a record since he exchanged his ideas with other candidates, one or two times with one or two sentences isn’t a problem, but it’s over. But after I prompted: if you exchange ideas within the exam time, you will be recored, and will be minused 25% score, he was also more behave.

Since exam question is real model, so each 45 minutes sitting, the model can take a rest 5 to 10 minutes. Exam time and rest time is enough for model and a female candidate make friend and when finished, they went out together. I have heard that in one room, the model had hypotension, so he can sit in 5 mins only then lay down in 45 minutes. In another room, the model doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to change the posture, so at starting, he was sitting not straight, afterward he wanted to change to straight posture, but can’t.

Drawing exam is … out of my imagination in many aspects, but one of them is: in the rest time, candidates can visit other exam rooms easily, they even can exchange ideas a little. Basically, since, no one can draw for another one, it also can’t be copied, each corner, each view makes different picture.

The food this lunch is so good, with a yogurt. A teacher harvested for me a dracontomelum branch of tree, tell me to eat, but I couldn’t.

Today I got a very happy news which Teacher Đức himself told me: next semester, the dormitory is still not being re-constructed, means room no still can be together at least one more semester.

July 11, 2009: Exam of color decorative layout. My first time to know how are they draw in exam. Candidates shaped the drawing by pencil, then fill colors up by color powder. Color powders are being mixed with color mixing liquid, glue, 90 degree alcohol by a tool look likes a small trowel. The color mixing liquid bottle has a violet sharp head. This drawing job is so complicate, has to mix color very thoroughly and smoothly then the color will be beautiful. And when they color, it also takes lots of effort, seeing that they do it very carefully, meticulously. Drawings all look like abstract drawings, very complicate. When shaping by pencil, candidates were sitting on chairs, tables. Once coloring, almost sittiong on ground (it’s allowed). Today I’m in charge of room no 228, has 14/27 candidates, only one male candidate. I were with Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Minh – Students’ works and politics Department.

In this entrance exam, I had chances to interact with teachers, officers and students, specially classes X4, M, Q. Today Việt from 05X4 asked my favor to look after his room, but I didn’t agree, and Lợi, don’t know why he continuously call me “older sister”.

Attend this help me to know that Mr. Chu Văn Đu is Manager of General Department. Exam place leader – Teacher Lê Quân is Head of Architecture Department.

Today I felt sleepy. This lunch is good but without yogurt. Some students know that I’m a student already, they don’t call me “teacher” anymore, they only call me “older sister”.

My last time to be “female teacher”, so sad!

This time I was lacking of a clock. Next time, if I have a chance, I’ll change my signature. Last few days, my signatures was so terrible!

A side note:

My “dream” co-supervisor at that time was teacher Hoàng Văn Tùng, although I never met him at that time.

I translated my own “diary” without changing words/meanings/feelings much.
I earned around 800,000 VND after the 2 exam phases,
then I spent all for a virus fever afterward.

But this experience makes me really happy.

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