Pagpapadala ng pera Vietnam – Pilipinas

Note: I’m no longer in this business starting Jan 25, 2016, but I still recommend it to anyone want to send money.

Pagpapadala ng pera Vietnam – Pilipinas

Sending money Vietnam – Philippines

Gửi tiền Việt Nam – Philippines

This remittance service of VPfund already established more than 2 years in the Philippines,
mostly Vietnamese work in the Phils use this service to send money back to Vietnam.
Now, we are developing the service to send money from Vietnam to the Phils FOR YOU.
FOR YOU to supporting your relatives, funding checking account, purchasing goods.
So far, from May 25 to Dec 17, I’ve done 127 transactions with 17 Filipinos in HCMc, Hanoi, Dong Nai, Quang Ninh and one Vietnamese in Binh Duong, total amount is 3,948,017 php. (Smallest amount was 2,412 php and biggest amount was 163,777 php).
My message to one of our client when she said thank to us after a transaction!
“Any business is just to help and serve people. this business is the same. We also want Filipinos who work in Vietnam can easily support their families. It’s our pleasure. There would be time which we might not be able to accommodate your request. But when we can, we will do. Thank you for trusting us!
I also know that that is the money which you hardly work to earn to support your family. Both you and them are happy when they receive the money, it’s our happiness”.
How it works:
You send money (VND) to our Vietcombank account, then we will send money (peso) to the bank account you want to send to in the Phils.
“Next day transaction” is applied. All the amount will be sent one time per day by early morning time only.
You can go to any branch of Vietcombank to deposit to our account.
Minimum Deposit fee is 11,000 VND if you are not in Ho Chi Minh city. Deposit fee is 0 VND if you are in HCMc.
If you are outside of HCMc and have a Vietcombank account, you can go to any Vietcombank ATM to deposit to our account, deposit fee is just 3,000 VND.
If you deposit in Vietcombank officeank office, you will receive a receipt like this:
If you deposit on Vietcombank ATM, you will receive a receipt like this:
Note: Vietcombank offices in HCMc open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri.
There are only 5 offices open from 8:30am to 11:30am of Saturdays.
They are: no. 10 Vo Van Kiet street; no. 132 Ham Nghi street; no. 569 Tran Hung Dao street; no. 182 Le Hong Phong street; no. 6 Le Thanh Ton street.
Direct transaction is applicable for amount of 1500USD or more only.
We do provide pick up service, with extra fee is 100,000 VND/transaction.
Once we deposit to your account, we receive a receipt and will send to you as evidence.
It’s fast and no hassle with reasonable/affordable price.
For exchange rate, we calculate based on:
VND – USD buying rate of Vietcombank in Vietnam.
USD – PHP selling rate of BPI in the Philippines.
For our service fee, it’s 1.5% per transaction. 
(We consider a service fee of 1% per transaction with high amount).
For example, if you want to send 20,000 PHP to the Philippines.
Our service fee is 1.5% * 30,000 = 450 PHP.
Total is 30,450 PHP.
USD exchange rate (purchase) as of Aug 19, 2015 of BPI is 45.98
So 30,450/45.98 = 662.244 USD
USD exchange rate (selling) as of Aug 19, 2015 of Vietcombank is 22,105
So 662.244 * 22,105 = 14,638,914 VND
So, to have 30,000 PHP in your account in the Philippines, 
You need to give us 14,639,000 VND in Vietnam.
Here is calculation sheet for your reference: VPfund
+ Minimal fee of 150,000 VND or 300php is applied for amount of 500 usd or 10 million VND or less than that.
+ We prefer VND instead of USD. USD will be charged higher
+ We prefer BDO and BPI. Other banks are acceptable if 2000 usd or more. No Cebuana Lhuillier
+ We can’t send money on weekends or holidays of the Philippines since banks are closed.
+ If you can’t do bank transfer, pick up fee is 100,000 VND within District 2.
Contact me if you need reference!
Maraming Salamat!

9 thoughts on “Pagpapadala ng pera Vietnam – Pilipinas

  1. How can i get this money?
    This money was send in philippines yesterday.
    And what branch in philippines can i get this money from vietnam.

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