Binh Dien and Binh Tay wholesale market, HCMc

Binh Dien and Binh Tay are two biggest wholesale market in HCMc.

Binh Dien provide foods while Binh Tay provide goods and household items.

1. Binh Dien market:

I went to Binh Dien market with a friend in the early morning of June 7.
It was more than 10 kms from my place to the market. From 9A road, we turn right and go straight follow Nguyen Van Linh road. We passed 5 bridges: Ong Be, Ba Lon, Ma Voi, Sap, Can Giuoc.

Intersection Nguyen Van Linh – Pham Hung at 5:20 am of June 7.
Once passed Can Giuoc  bridge, just turn right at the first intersection which has traffic light, we were entering the market.

A bridge on the way

Just turn right to go to the market.

When we were on the way, we already surprised because the prices of the things were selling. 10,000 VND for 4 pieces of pineapples. Normally it costs me 10,000VND for one pineapple. Lime (green lemon) is 6000 – 8000 per kilo, while my friend said she paid 30,000 per kilo in the market near her place.

Then we entered a huge space selling different vegetables, tomato, carrot, gourd, daikon has price around 7000-8000 VND/kg.

Since it’s a wholesale market, so normally it’s required to buy at least 1kg.

Squash, onion, taro, purple yam: I didn’t ask price. Napa cabbage: 12,000/kg, papaya: 6000/kg.

We then passed by seafood section.

Octopus, squid, chicken: 25000-35000/kg

Frog meat: 60,000/kg

A huge seafood section, there are lots of types of seafoods which I don’t know.
Shrimp price is 115,000-180,000/kg. Minimum buying of 5kgs.

Razor shell.

Fruit are also cheap. Dragon fruit; 10,000 for 3kg; jack fruit: 3000/kg, avocado: 35,000/kg.

In meat section, there is totally pork. My friend bought one kg of pork for 170,000 VND while normally it’s around 190,000 VND.

Although it’s a wholesale market, sometime people sell low quality products for low price here, so it doesn’t really saving. So you should select carefully before buying.

2. Binh Tay market:

has various type of goods: cloths, materials, shoes, slippers, helmets, gloves, plastics, cooking utensils, dried foods, candies, cakes

There are some sweet gruel, 7000/bowl


Plastic goods


This set of 5 purses costs 150,000 VND (30,000 VND each but customer must to buy as a set.

Plastic cups, bags, …

Cupcake wrappers.

Paper cups and glasses

Shoes, slippers


Dried foods

Candles and incenses (for praying activities)

Paper votives

Sausages of foods

Those stuffs are for altar, mostly for praying activities.

Bowls and plates

School supplies

School supplies



Dried shrimps

Dried nuts

Fermented food.

Bird nest

Mask – gloves – socks – towel – hats – sunlight and dust protection clothes – children shoes.

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