Thao Dien Directory


Thao Dien, D2 is among the most foreigners concentration in Ho Chi Minh city, together with Phu My Hung in D7, Pham Ngu Lao area in D1.

Thao Dien is around 10km from Ben Thanh market, 14km from Tan Son Nhat International airport, 17km from Phu My Hung in D7.

To get to Thao Dien from D1, you can either ride bus no 53 or 56 or 35.

I’ve lived and been to different places of HCMc but at Thao Dien I feel home the most.
Currently I live in an unique spot in my opinion.

Ngoc My hotel is an old hotel, has not being renovated. The owner doesn’t do marketing so it doesn’t attract lots of guests.

The hotel has 5 floors: 1st floor is reception area, a dining space hasn’t been used for long time, parking space and an extended area which the whole owner family live.

The hotel has one security guy and one receptionist guy. They are cum cleaner, electrician and any task.

2nd, 3rd floors are for short term guests (renting daily). 4th, 5th floors are for monthly paying guests. For monthly paying guests, the owner accept Vietnamese only. Since it’s a hotel, none of guest are allowed to cook here. But I do steam & blend so it’s fine.

The room which I’m living has a window, a back door and a balcony. It views directly to Bitexco Financial Tower. Moreover, it views directly Sport Centre of District 2, so everyday I see people exercising. Early morning senior people practice Taichi and dancing using rod or conical hats. They finish by 6:30am. Later in the day: young people play basket ball, sometime kindergarten kids play with their teacher here. In the evening, normally a taekwondo class.

Daily rental of a room here is just 200,000 – 300,000 VND (10-15 USD). Opposite to the hotel is office of Animal Health Doctor.

Here I have few options to buy food. If walking distance I can go to Thao Dien market or VinMart Megamall. Thao Dien market works mostly morning time. I prefer this market because I can buy red rice with small quantity here. For other stuffs, if I want hassle-free and less time of asking price, negotiating, I go to supermarket. In Thao Dien you also can buy food in Coop Mart, An Phu supermarket, Aeon Mart and there’s a small market along Quoc Huong street.


Family Garden is a wonderful spot locate at no. 28 Thao Dien.

It’s a combination between nature (water, tree, garden) with office, coffee shop, restaurant. There are also products from the garden which you can harvest with price of 40,000VND/kg. The rent for a picnic activity here is 100,000 VND/person for 8 hours which you can bring food from outside. If you want to order food from them as a buffet party, minimum is 15-20 people and price is 500,000 VND/person


Thao Dien soccer field on the afternoon of Jan 30 was divided into 3 small fields.
The first 2 fields were football matches for the boys, and the last field was training football with coaches for both boy & girl.


There is a big community of expats live in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city.
So updates about things happen in this area will be helpful.

1. Thao Dien now has its own gasoline station at no. 53, Song Hanh street
(parallel with Xa Lo Ha Noi), previously, people have to go to nearest gasoline station at Tran Nao to recharge their bike, car.

Name of this gasoline station is: “Trạm Xăng dầu Hiếu Phương 3”,
means “Hiếu Phương 3 Gasoline & Oil Station”


VinMart supermarket inside Megamall Thao Dien is one of my favorite spot to go to buy food. 1st, it’s walking distance from my place.

Peanut is my guilty pleasure, so I usually look for nuts & bean section.


Your new feelings in Ho Chi Minh city which you would be experience:

+ hot & humidity

+ lots of motorbike

+ people wearing masks

+ things aren’t organize like in your home country

+ when visiting Vietnamese here, you may experience using chopsticks or sitting on floor.

Note: all informations in this post: address, phone no, email are being listed in front of the businesses, mean anyone pass by can see the info. So I am not listing contact info which aren’t for commercial purpose of the owner.

Thao Dien Directory

Bank: There nearest Vietcombank branch office is at no. 56 Tran Nao street. In case you need password wifi there, it’s vthienvcb. And in this bank, if you want to exchange USD to VND, they don’t require your passport as in Techcombank.

To open an ordinary ATM bank account, you need to pay 50,000 vnd for the fee & 50,000 as minimum amount in the account.
You can register internet banking for online transaction with fee of 8,800 vnd/month

Post office: Nearest post office is at no. 16A, Quoc Huong street.
I sent 4 postcards to Malaysia & Singapore on Aug 5, 2015 at post office no. 07/2A Tran Nao street, it costs 10500vnd/postcard.


Metro An Phu is a good place to shopping groceries and household items. Metro is an environmental friendly supermarket and they limit using plastic bags, so you can bring your own shopping bags or ask for carton box to pack your things and bring back home.

Price as of July 2015:

Cà rốt Carrot 18000/kg
Cải bó xôi Spinach 52000/kg
Cà chua bi Cherry tomato 20600/kg
Táo New Zealand apple 47900/kg
Cải thảo Chinese cabbage 11900/kg
Su hào tím Violet kohrabi 30000/kg

Bánh toast ca cao 280g: 19425, bánh đậu xanh hương sen: 26500, bánh pía khoai môn sầu riêng: 37700, kẹo thập cẩm y nhung: 18000, cafe G7: 22800, cải cầu vồng (swiss chard): 35000/kg, xà lách lô lô xanh: 17000/kg, xà lách radichio Đà Lạt: 65000/kg, bắp cải trắng Đà Lạt: 8900/kg, bí giống Nhật Đà Lạt: 25000/kg, mướp hương: 17500/kg, cà chua đà lạt: 8900/kg, giá sống: 15000/kg, khoai tây đỏ Mỹ: 49900/kg, đỗ đỏ (red bean): 42000/kg, lạc/đậu phộng (peanut): 59000/kg, đỗ đen (black bean): 38000/kg, đỗ tương/đậu nành (soya bean): 27000/kg, đỗ xanh (mungo bean): 41000/kg, trứng cút (quail egg) 30 pieces: 25800, fresh peanut (in shell): 48500/kg, dưa chuột (cucumber): 11900/kg, củ năng (water chestnut): 35000/kg, bưởi năm roi: 7900/quả, củ nghệ (turmeric): 36400/kg.

Big C An Phu is another selection. It’s further Metro An Phu just a little. And you need to pay 3000VND for motorbike parking, they give plastic bags to bring things back home.

They do offer:

+ order via phone (they deliver to your home)

+ order, set pick up time: place your order and set your pick up time, they will have your items ready at your selected time slot.

with invoice from 200,000 VND.

You can call 0837 407 916 or contact 0938 303 620 by WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo, Line, Skype …

Customer Service number: 0837 402 504 or 1800 555555 for more information.

Price as of Aug 3, 2015:

Cá basa Basa fish 29900
Lườn cá hồi 64900
Má đùi gà Chicken thigh 37400
Mướp đắng Bittermelon 13500
Xà lách lô lô xanh Green coral lectuce 11900
Ổi Đài Loan Taiwan guava 8500
Ngò rí/rau mùi cilantro 57900
Rau thơm herb 30500
Rau dền con Amaranthus 7100/250g
Nấm mèo sợi Cloud ear fungus 23100/100g
Cafe G7 G7 coffee 21400
Kẹo thập cẩm Y Nhung peanut, sesame candies 18000
BĐX Hương Nguyên 270g green been cake 33900
Xà lách Karol Karol lectuce 17500
Khoai tây đỏ Red potato 44900
Cải cầu vồng chard 28500

Price as of Aug 20: Mướp hương/Spong gourd: 9500/kg, chanh không hạt/lime without seed: 13900/kg, bắp nếp/corn: 5200/piece, bắp cải tím/violet cabbage: 46900/kg, su hào xanh/kohlrabi: 21500/kg, cả rốt/carrot: 24700/kg, súp lơ xanh/broccoli: 24900/kg, ổi không hạt/guava no seed: 9500/kg, mồng tơi/basella alba: 9900/kg, rau muống/water morning glory: 9300/kg, xà lách lô lô xanh/green lettuce: 15500/kg, basa fish: 28900/kg, chicken thigh: 35400/kg, bí xanh/courgette: 9900/kg, bầu/calabash: 10900/kg.

Since I bought many things with small quantities, like one carrot, one gourd, one bitter melon, one cabbage, one corn, two limes, … so I asked the packer to pack everything in one plastic bag, so it would save plastic bag. So there are lots of plastic bags, then when I went to cashier, the cashier said it’s hard for him to scan the price. And he asked to call the packer. I told him to not blame packer, blame me, since I was the one who asked to do that. Then the cashier said: it’s fine to pack in one pack, but make the tags queue up to one line, it would be easier to scan. So, I take it as an experience, next time I will ask the packer to queue up the tags.

Market: There are few food vendors standing on the street. Many of them don’t list the price and may not speak English. Normally, when you buy, you give the money, and they give you the change. You may experience sometime seeing sellers listed price really attractive, like 15000/ 1 kg avocado. But sometimes, they write “/2” very small which is hard to recognize at first. So actually it’s 15000 for 1/2kg avocado. Or the avocado of 15000/kg is very few and not in good condition.

Nguyen Van Huong street:

10: CTCP Xây dựng – thương mại Liên Kết và Phát Triển. Cung cấp đá hoa cương (Granite), cẩm thạch (marble)

16: Công ty TNHH Dịch vụ bảo vệ Đông Á Việt Nam. Security services company limited. 08 6281 9806. 0938 25 1968

23: Viện tâm lý và giáo dục pháp luật

28: Bánh cuốn Hà Nội Thu Liên. 08 3519 0300. 0909 879 728

30: Beauty Salon Ngọc Sammy

38: Minh Tam residences. House for rent. 0903 641 020

40 : Water front residences. 08 3519 3261

40/4 – 40/6 – 40/10: AVA residence

40/8: An Phu riverview

108: Villa (underconstruction, almost done)

112: Royal Kim Son apartment. Contact: Ms Huong 0122 6888 828

117: newly built house for rent 0121 218 1990

Hẻm 121: Khu dân cư Eden. (Eden residential area)

130: Nông trại cánh cam. Ladybug farm. Nông trại hữu cơ (Organic farm). Cửa hàng rau củ (Vegetable store). Quán cà phê (Cafeteria). Khu vui chơi trẻ em (Kids playground). 0908 131 213

Hẻm 131: kho hàng DNTN Thuận

146: Khu biệt thự cao cấp Thảo Điền 1. Thao Dien 1 High Class Villa Compound

153: Khu biệt thự cao cấp Thảo Điền 2. Thao Dien 2 High Class Villa Compound

154: ARC Coffee

154: Showroom nội thất. Furniture & Decoration

170: River garden (river-view condominium).

170: Grado Art Studio

177A: The American School. Elementary Campus.

177: Bảo Tiến compound

177/8: JNU Entertainment

197/2 Nguyen Van Huong: Villa Song Saigon

239-241-243: Glenwood Residences

244: 3C Cupcakes

Big C An Phu is another selection. They are just further Metro An Phu a little. You need to pay 3,000VND for parking motorbike here, but they give you plastic bags to bring your things back home.

Price as of Aug 3, 2015

Thao Dien street:

– 4 Thao Dien: Mc Sorley’s

– 8 Thao Dien: District 2 Sport center. Offer different classes of sports: Aerobic, football, basket ball, swimming, athletic, badminton, chess, sport dancing, gym, yoga, cycling, boxing, judo, karatedo, muay & kick boxing, pencak silat, taekwondo, martial art, vovinam.
Swimming pool entrance fee is 30,000VND/person. Open time: 6am – 6pm. Must wear swimsuit to enter the pool.
Yoga class schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am – 9am. Tue, Thu, Sat: 6am – 7am & 7:30am – 8:30am & 6pm – 7pm. Phone no: 0903333254.Mỹ

– 9A: Red Apron Fine Wines and Spirits

– 11: Burger King Thao Dien

16: Món Huế Thảo Điền

20: Popeyes Chicken

22: Agribank phòng giao dịch số 3 – Đông Sài Gòn

23 Thao Dien: Mekong Merchant. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Wine Bar

26: Uncle Bills discount store

26: My Kingdom Toys

26B: 100% Healthy food

+ 29 Thao Dien: Kẹo clothes shop

+ 29 Thao Dien: GNC Live well

+ 29 Thao Dien: Shalom Coffee & Cocoa

– 33A Thao Dien: Nhà văn hoá – Hội trường khu phố 2 (Cultural house – Conference room of area 2).

– 33 Thao Dien: Luke’s Pharmacy.

– 37 Thao Dien: Tigon Flower Shop.

– 37 Thao Dien: little anh-em (clothes shop)

– 39 Thao Dien: Voelker, pastry and chocolate

– 41A Thao Dien: Annam Gourmet market

+ 36: An Phu supermarket/ Siêu thị An Phú:

I had to pay 3,000VND to park my motorbike there.

It is a 2-storey building. 1st floor is a supermarket and 2nd floor has few different stores children clothes, toys, tailoring/clothes for women (ER couture), Nhà sách Phương Nam (bookstore & toys & school supplies), Medicare Health & Beauty products.

The supermarket provides various types of foods and products: wine, household items, luggage, backpack, milk & coffee & juice & drinks, biscuits & cakes & candies & breads, frozen foods, fresh vegetables & fruits, snacks, pasta, seaweed, quinoa …

You may experience imported stuffs (like oatmeal) are more expensive than in your home country, since they are imported.

Price as of Aug 5, 2015.

Dole banana 40,000vnd/kg. Water melon 20,000vnd/kg. Chicken egg: 28,000vnd for a set of 10 eggs.
Red apple = Green apple: 110,000vnd/kg, orange: 105,000vnd/kg.

Other vegetables and fruits here are being sold by packages without info about weight.
One set of 2 carrots: 16,000; one set of 2 cucumbers: 12,000.

Small packs of nuts without info about weight: almond: 19,000; pine nut: 36000, walnut 20000, hạt dẻ – chestnut 38000, ngò tây – parsley shredded 7000, oregano 12000, basil 15000, thyme 11000, bay leave 11000, quế – cinnamon 8000, rosemary 15000, nutmeg 18000, cinnamon powder 6000, cumin, paprika 12000, carry 6500.

– 45 Thao Dien: Australian International School Sport Arena

+ 49 Thao Dien: The Loop. (I liked the strawberry smoothie there, the glass is different, the smoothie is tasty and not so sweet)

– 51 Thao Dien: Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

– 57 Thao Dien: Baan Thai Restaurant & Pub

– 59 Thao Dien: Tran Beaute (093 9999 241)

– 61 Thao Dien: iservice (08 3744 6244)

– 63 Thao Dien: kepi (gifts & toys shop)

– 65 Thao Dien: Tropic Fabric Tailor.

– 67 Thao Dien: Màn cửa cao cấp Anh Thư (Anh Thu curtain)

– 71 Thao Dien: 3T shop

– 73 Thao Dien: La Vita Event and Coffee shop catering

– 75 Thao Dien: iknow – Everything about Mac

– 77 Thao Dien: Dunlopillo (provides mattress, bed cover, drap, pillow)

– 81 Thao Dien: Bright home real estate agency

– 83 Thao Dien: Pendolasco Italian Restaurant Gourmet Shop.

– 87 Thao Dien: Hiep Thanh Real Estate.

– 89 Thao Dien: Trạm y tế phường Thảo Điền (Thao Dien ward health care unit).

– 89 Thao Dien: Công an phường Thảo Điền (Thao Dien ward police unit).

– 91 Thao Dien: Trường giáo dục chuyên biệt Thảo Điền (Thao Dien special educatiion school)

– 95 Thao Dien: Family Medical Practice

– 97 Thao Dien: LUX Furniture

+ 14E1: Tama River Japanese restaurant

Quoc Huong street:

– 16: Family Mart.

– 16: Electrical goods, water & waste water goods.

– 16: Thu Tram restaurant. Hotpot: Thailand, seafood, frog, eel; grilled, stir fried, steamed octopus; chicken stewed with lemongrass; food from snake

– 16: Eatery 15,000-17,000/order

+ 16A Quoc Huong/Quốc Hương: Bưu điện An Điền/An Dien post office.
You can go there to send letters, postcards, goods. I sent 2 postcards to Ha Noi and Thai Binh today (Aug 28), and it costs 6000 VND for both. I met a French guy there. He was about to send a pack of plastic sample, but they requested him to have a carton box to cover it. The carton boxes which they have either too small or too big. If you use the too big one, you must pay much more fee as they will calculate the fee based on volume. So I helped him to ask at a store nearby the post office, the seller gave him an empty carton box for free. Not yet done. He must write addresses of both sender and receiver on a paper, sender above, receiver bottom. The fee was 19000 VND for ordinary guaranteed sending from here to Binh Tan district.

– 22: Uncooked rice. Accept delivery via 0937 968 637.

– 22: Store – Supplies of electric & water goods

– 22: Bike repair

– 27: Thao store. Raincoats, helmets, backpacks

– 32: ID pictures photography (4 pieces with dimensions 3cmx4cm for 25,000 VND)

– 36: Photocopy

– 40B: Vuon Thao Dien restaurant

– 42: TT An Hoà (buddhist temple)

+ 49A: Netshisu (Internet shop)

– 49B: Sushi Family Restaurant – Japanese kazoku

– 49C: Gạo Nhung (uncooked rice)

– 49: Quốc Hương 1 mobifone store

– 49: Body Shape. Gym – fitness – yoga – martial arts

– 49L: Linh Linh Dan Pool & Spa Co.,Ltd

– 38: BMV Pub & Grill

– 40A: Eatery

– 40: Family Mart

– 42: Cây kiểng Trần Não – Trees and plants.

– 58: The Ascent condominium (under construction)

– 66: Tạp hoá Ngọc Long – Ngoc Long grocery storestore

– 66: Thịt bò Hiền – fresh beef

– 66: Gạo Hoàng Sơn – uncooked rice

+ 68/1 & 70 Quoc Huong: Phuoc & Partners Attorney at Law – lawyer who can speak English very well. Advisory service fee: 350USD/hour

– 72: Nhà thuốc tư nhân Mỹ Hoa – My Hoa medicine store

– 73: Alteration Jean – Kaki, Vali – bags, change zipper.

– 73: Internet shop

– 84: Thien Thanh – selling household items

– 85: PNP Tea House & Maternity Spa

– 76: Bike repair

– 76/14: Studio MadsMonsen

– Kim Tuyến: nhận vắt sổ, sửa đồ: 0122 719 4207

– 78: Trường Tiểu học Huỳnh Văn Ngỡi (Huynh Van Ngoi Elementary school)

– 96: Gym. Opening time: 6am-11am, 2pm-8pm, Sunday off; 200,000VND/month; 30,000VND/day

– 99 Quoc Huong: Residential house – under construction

Hẻm 47 (Lane 47):

+ 47/11/5: Saigon Inserco

+ 47/21: Milkmart Sữa & tã

Le Van Mien street:

730: European International School

+ 17-17A Lê Văn Miến: European Dental Clinic Ho Chi Minh city

+ 37A Lê Văn Miến: Thuỳ Dung flower

+ 26 Lê Văn Miến: Internos Dinning & Grill Restaurant

+ 30 Lê Văn Miến: House for rent. 0907 896 699

+ 31A Lê Văn Miến: Trường Mầm non Ngôi Sao – Star kids kindergarten.

Xuan Thuy street:

Xuan Thuy street corner Nguyen Ba Huan street: bike repair shop; 15,000VND for repair flat tire.

– 14R: Eximbank

– 14S: HDbank

– 22: Vật liệu xây dựng Đồng Kiệm. Chuyên cho thuê giàn giáo. Tole kẽm – Lạnh – Màu cắt theo quy cách. 0909 59 88 69. 0909 346 067

+ 11 Xuan Thuy: house for rent, 3 bedrooms, 1200usd/month

+ 24 Xuan Thuy: Korean Hi Mart

35 Xuan Thuy: Cafe Bien Goi

37 Xuan Thuy: Vesta Bookstore

37 Xuan Thuy: Cafe & Villa

– 49: Instore  (European standard imported leather and fabric furniture which imported, decoration items)

– 51: phở Bắc Hải (noodle restaurant)

– 53: Khánh Duy bike repair

– 57: Tattoo Exile Ink Vietnam

– 61: à la cuisine: kitchen & cooking stuffs

– 67: Linh furniture

– 75&97: Boutique Art furniture.

– 78: Thien Nga villa compound

– 80A: Top Hair

– 80C: The North and Deli 

– 82: Ren Tokyo restaurant

– 84: Hải Hội quán – Bún bò, bò kho (beef noodles, beef dish)

– 84: Phương Anh furniture

– 88: Silk – Waxing service

– 90: Zebrafish – bar

+ 90 Xuan Thuy: BiaCraft – Artisan Ales

– 92: Mai Home Decor

– 79: Sai Gon Dep Clinic & Spa

– 81: Fashion.Lifestyle.Nails

– 92: Artista – music teaching.

– 100: Hue corner restaurant.

– 100: K1 Fitness & Fight Factory.

– 106: Beauty Salon Vy.

– 108C: Butcher premium Australian Beef.

– 108B: Ha Ngo clothes shop.

– 108: Copenhagen Delight

– 110: Duy Chinh Sculpture

– 110: Chic Original

– 110: T&T everything tailor

– 97A: Đại lý nước khoáng thiên nhiên Lavie Thanh Sơn (Thanh Son Lavie mineral water store)

– 112: decosy (furniture store)

– 99: Frenclean (Laundry service) 0907 832 238/08 6281 9056

– 114: Dong Gia Ceramic

– 120: Chez nous coffee & waffle

– 111: Áo tắm Xuân Thu (swimwear)

– 124A: Pet Care

Ngo Quang Huy street:

2A: Kim handbags; wholesale and retails of bags, backpacks, handbags, price from 80,000-200,000VND. Phone no: 098 661 1881 (Ms. An)

6: Specialized in gardening, take care of bonsai; cleaning and processing of swimming pool. Phone no: 0938 967 898

9: Sweet and Sour Bakery

14: La Villa French Restaurant

17: Kim Beauty Salon

19A: The Performing Arts Academy of HCMc

19C: Giặt Ủi Family Laundry. Phone no: 0906375452 – 0908956190. Pick up & delivery

26: Villa for rent. 0903 818 687

25B: Rapi printer cartridges; cartridge refilling, new replacement cartridges, new OEM cartridges, printer repair & troubleshooting, printer, fax, photocopy sales and for rent; printing papers, office supplies.

45: Câu lạc bộ An Phú (tennis playground)

50: Leeway Golf. Contact: 84 8 35191050

54: Villa Aesthetica Spa

55A: JADE lazer – med – spa

Tong Huu Dinh street:

+ 5A Tong Huu Dinh: Steinhoff International Sourcing & Logistic Vietnam

+ 5 Tong Huu Dinh: NB Apartment for lease 0914 421 077

+ 6A: TA Serviced apartment 0915 710 704

+ 8C Tong Huu Dinh: The Saigon International University Lewis Campus

+ 13 Tong Huu Dinh: Le Bacoulos French cuisine & lounge bar

+ 15 Tong Huu Dinh: Baby Fish playground for kids & babies, swim class for infant and young children.
Party & event planning, mascot for rent, swimming pool for rent.

+ 16 Tong Huu Dinh: The Saigon International University Fleming Campus

+ 27 Tong Huu Dinh: Beauty salon Nhi

+ 27 Tong Huu Dinh: monopolattle cafe au play

+ 29 Tong Huu Dinh: Cafe chồn Trại Hầm – Đà Lạt (organic wensel coffee)

+ 29 Tong Huu Dinh: Nam Yen Law office

+ 29 Tong Huu Dinh: paid parking site

+ 31 Tong Huu Dinh: Hải sản – Seafood

+ 33 Tong Huu Dinh: ashoka II authentic Indian cuisine – Nhà hàng Ấn Độ Sơn Ca 2

+ 35 Tong Huu Dinh: Saint Music Academy

+ 36: Pendolasco Italian restaurant

– 39 Tong Huu Dinh: Tamago Japanese Restaurant.

Nguyen Ba Huan street:

– 17: San chu serviced apartment.

– 19: Mai Lan Anh company (textile & garment company)

– 21: Anh Linh grocery store (Cửa hàng Tạp hoá Ánh Linh).

– 37A: Thinh An construction Limited Company (Công ty TNHH Thịnh An)

– 37: Karta JSC (CTCP Karta) provides: Honeycomb paper, Paper corner bracket, Angle nestled, Cardboard boxes.

– 43: Nghi Nghiem Hair Salon.

Do Quang street:

– 18 Do Quang: Pregnancy clothes (Shop Bầu bí xinh) Phone no: 0938 517 393

– 62 Do Quang: Mai Lan Anh garment & trading company

– 19 Do Quang: NDV + Partners Architects (CT TNHH Kiến Trúc Nguyễn Đình Vinh và cộng sự). Field: architecture & construction consultation.

– 45 Do Quang: Food & Seafood processing store (Cửa hàng Thực phẩm & chế biến Thuỷ hải sản)

Nguyen Cu street:

– 40 Nguyen Cu: sushi club.

– 52 Nguyen Cu: Guitar sell & for rent.

– 59 Nguyen Cu: Vang Xuan apartment. Contact person: Mr. Long 0903 909 405

– 63A Nguyen Cu: Serviced apartment for rent. Contact person: Mr. Trung 0121 898 0322.
Studio 30m2, fully furnished with kitchen (electrical stove, cooking utensils), has balcony, cleaning 3 times/week, electricity: 4000/kWh, one month deposit. Dogs aren’t allowed. 430$/month.

Dang Huu Pho street:

+ 4A Dang Huu Pho: Trà và cafe Nhạc lòng năm cũ.

Nguyen Duy Hieu street:

+ 25A Nguyen Duy Hieu: Youth Sports Training

Tran Ngoc Dien street:

– 02 Tran Ngoc Dien: Hotel Ngọc Mỹ

– 03 Tran Ngoc Dien: Villa Royale Antiques & Tea Room

– 05 Tran Ngoc Dien: UBND phường Thảo Điền – Thao Dien ward’s people committee.

– 15 Tran Ngoc Dien: SmartKids International Childcare Center

– 15A Tran Ngoc Dien: Barbie & Ken Studio

– 18 Tran Ngoc Dien: Aux Tros An Phu Limited Co

– 25 Tran Ngoc Dien: La Plancha Restaurant

– 31-33 Tran Ngoc Dien: HN Villas

– 32 Tran Ngoc Dien: Snap Real Estate & Cafe

+ 36 Tran Ngoc Dien: Selling land. 0903 744 349

– 37 Tran Ngoc Dien: Ho Thieu Tri Architect & Associates

– 39 Tran Ngoc Dien: Trois Gourmands – French Food

– 40 Tran Ngoc Dien: CLB Doanh nhân từ thiện Thảo Điền. Thao Dien charity business people club.

– 48A Tran Ngoc Dien: Sicart = Smith Architects

– 48A Tran Ngoc Dien: Nam House. Villas, Houses, Apartments Leasing & Service.

Nguyễn Ư Dĩ street:

– No 1, road no. 4: Hoa Sao group

– 6/1/2: MAD House

– 8: Sân bóng đá Arsenal – Arsenal football field

– 32: Võ đường Vịnh Xuân Quyền – Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art.

Teacher/Master Ngoc Anh, phone no 0903 120 338.
They accept foreign students for class on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 6pm-8pm.

– 38: The Deck Saigon

– 23: Restaurant 13 Vietnamese cuisine

– 17A: Creche Bambou Bulles

– 32: House of Malaysia Consulate Ho Chi Minh city.

– 22: Trường Mầm non Thảo Điền – Thao Dien Kindergarten

Nguyễn Bá Lân street:

+ 17: Shop Meoheooo: Mỹ phẩm xách tay từ Mỹ. Apple Cider Vinegar Bragg is available here.  335000 VND for one bottle of 473ml. You can’t see any advertisement board of the business outside of the house. So better call or text Hạnh 0919.300.540 to check if the stuff is available.
Opening time: 8am to 5:30pm Mon to Fri. 9am to 12pm Saturdays.

Street 2:

2: Bill Land House: maid, nanny, cook, guard, house rental.

Road no. 5:

– 7: Villa for rent 091 813 4497

Road no. 16:

– 17: House for rent. Haus zu vermmieten. 160m2. 3 bedrooms. 097 533 9219

Street 38:

14M1-N1: Phong Lan hotel. Phone no: +84854022617. Email: Price: 450,000 VND/night.

41 road (khu phố 4):

– 16: Thao Dien travel service company. Email:

– 19: Đình Thảo Điền/Thao Dien temple

– 19: Paid Parking site.

– 33: SaiGon pet clinic. Phone no: 0909 063 267

– 41: Nam Anh building

44 road:

– 03: Horizon Kindergarten

– 18: Togomart

– 20: Kien Giang composite provides boats, watertanks, customized F.R.P products

– 1175: Asindo Vietnam Development of outdoor furniture mainly in acacia for outdoor batthroom and bird feeder

46 road:

– Công ty TNHH Bốn dòng kẻ. Chuyên may hàng xuất khẩu quần áo trẻ em.
số 19, đường 46. Liên hệ: Anh Tín 0909 519 520

47 road:

– 37: CoopFood Thảo Điền. Price as of July 19, 2015; per kilogram.

Rau dền tía Amaranthus tricolor 15000
Rau dền cơm Amaranthus viridis 18900
Rau mồng tơi Malabar spinach 13900
Cải bẹ xanh mustard greens 15500
Cải ngọt Chinese cabbage 14900
Cải ngồng 19000
Rau tần ô Tong Ho 32800
Cà chua Tomato 13800
Cà chua túi lưới Tomato in net bag 12800
Rau ngò rí cilantro 61800
Hành lá spring onion 42500
Hẹ lá chives leaves 27500
Cần tàu 38000
Thì là dill 58500
Bắp cải thảo Chinese cabbage 14500
Bắp cải trắng white cabbage 12500
Bắp cải trái tim cabbage 21900
Khoai lang sweet potato 23500
Khoai mỡ yam 11800
Khoai tây Đà Lạt Da Lat potato 19000
Khổ qua trái bitter melon 15500
Măng mạnh tông Manh Tong bamboo shoot 16900
Măng chua sour bamboo shoot 17500
Bông hẹ chives flower 55000
Bí ngòi xanh courgettes 18000
Giá sống bean sprout 13500
Nha đam vera 10500
Dưa leo thuỷ canh hydroponic cucumber 18900

49B road:

– 31: Home Maintenance Service. Phone no: 0938 033 787

– 31: Kids Clothes. Phone no: 0938 006 030.

The price is very reasonable. A set of a dress and a shirt for a baby girl can be around 4USD. The clothes are selling here, are exceeded stuffs from some big orders, and they are in good quality.

55 road:

Khu biệt thự cao cấp Phú Nhuận (Phu Nhuan superior villa compound)

– 1172: Smart kids

59 road: Khu nhà cho thuê rất mới: số 9, đường 59, khu phố 5.

– 39: The Open House exhibits paintings and sketches by renowned Vietnamese artist Nguyen Thanh Binh, as well as monthly guest artists.

– 37: Thuỷ tailorist and alteration. The payment to have custom a custom made clothes (shirt/trouser) here is around 120,000 VND, not yet included material/cloth, waiting time is around 10 days. Alteration costs around 20,000 -25,000. I passed by this place and bought for myself ready-to-wear custom design clothes which I quite like; trouser: 150,000; shirt: 160,000.

65 road:

– 4: Sai Gon International Service Company Limited.

Glenwood Residence

66 road:

– 49: Tropic Garden

– 49: Aeon Citimart – Tropic Garden: 3,000 vnd motorbike parking for non-residence.

Price as of Jul 20, 2015; per kilogram.

Sả Lemon grass 25000
Ớt chuông xanh Green bell pepper 33000
Ớt chuông đỏ Red bell pepper 33000
Ớt chuông vàng Yellow bell pepper 50200
Thì là Dill 79200
Xà lách Karol Carol salad 29000
Xà lách lô lô xanh Green coral lettuce 29000
Ngò rí cilantro 80000
Cần tàu 20000
Trà xanh Green tea leaves 30000
Rau má Centella 13000
Hành lá spring onion 29900
Bông hẹ chives flower 46200
Bạc hà/Dọc mùng super-sized elephant-ear 12000
Hành baro Leek 25700

I asked red bell pepper at a store along Quoc Huong street, it was 70,000 VND/kg. So I’m glad that I came here.

Khổ qua baby Bitter melon 200g 9200
Cà rốt baby Carrot 400g 16000
Ớt sừng Hàn Quốc Korean chili 250g 24100
Nấm bào ngư trắng White oyster mushroom 200g 9100
Nấm bào ngư xám Grey oyster mushroom 200g 15000
Nấm đùi gà Hquoc King oyster mushroom 300g 22800
Nấm đông cô black forest mushroom 34500
Nấm linh chi nâu Brown Lingzhi mushroom 24100


An Phu Directory:

An Phu is the nearby neighborhood of Thao Dien

Vo Truong Toan street:

– 1: Beegreen – Sa Đéc hoa. Provide tree, grass, bonsai. tree for rent. Phone no: 091 8837 425

– 2: Lotus Beauty Lounge 

– 12: Deutsche schule Ho Chi Minh city. International German School HCMc.

– 28: International School Ho Chi Minh city.

– 628A: Zombie BBQ.

People of Thao Dien:

Family of Gaetane Brod & Hung (Franco – Vietnamese) at 46/1 Do Quang street.
Gaetane met a Vietnamese (hometown: Chau Doc, An Giang) when she was 10 years old in her town in France. And this Vietnamese impressed her a lot. Since she was a child, she has been wished to go to Vietnam. And now, she has been living in Vietnam for more than 7 years. She can speak Vietnamese. She met Hung (her husband) in Hai Duong, where she was teaching French, and he was the leader of French speaking club (although at that time he didn’t speak French at all). Hung was original a ping pong coach and lived in France for 6 years. They now have cute son, and has a tourism business. They also provide bike for rent for expats.

I met this family when I went with Rachel to visit the house (to find a room for rent). Gaetane was very enthusiasm to introduce to us every info about the room, the house and the place. Rachel was suddenly get tired and took a rest on sofa in the living room there. Gaetane and Hung guessed that she got hypoglycemia and find some medicine to give her. They (Gaetane and Hung) offered us some bread. Hung even helped Rachel to repair her laptop and brought her back to her hotel at Bui Vien, District 1. Our visit consumed lots of their time, their lunch was delayed but they just tried to find a way to help. Not everyone do like them. I’m so grateful that I’ve met this wonderful family and listened to Gaetane’s wonderful story.

They are owner of FVtourist

Other Directory

Door to door delivery service within Ho Chi Minh city: 15,000 VND next day receive, 20,000 VND within day receive. 2-3 days: 10,000 VND


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