This blog and http://khuyentuong.com are my personal page; while http://khuyen.org is my professional page.
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What have you been wishing for your life?
success, happiness, fulfillment, wealth, health, wisdom, respect, care, love, … or combination of all of them?
Wish to be in another person’s life?
What problem do you think that you have in your life?
Lacking of money, time, love, care, not being connected, not being understood?
Fear, worry, afraid?
Not able to talk with that person?
Regret about what you have done or NOT done?
Feeling that you are not doing enough?
I do wish the same.
Although I know that: grass always look greener from another side.
I do have been through same problems, and gradually address them, correct them.
I’m learning and still a student of life.
So please don’t mind to share with me your story.

The biggest thing I’ve been chasing is … freedom.

Because of freedom, that was me not listen to my Mom to wear more coat in winter. I thought I have rights to select to wear or not.

Because of freedom, it was me not allowed my father to bring me to the school by his bicycle. I thought I have rights to walk.

Because of freedom, I admired the successful person who drew sun with color blue – an article I read when I was a child, while my Mom and my favorite uncle against it. In my innocent thinking, I thought that in the future, if I want the sun to be blue, it has to be blue.

Because of freedom, I went to the Philippines to run away all responsibilities&traditions I have to follow.

Because of freedom, I resign from 2 white collar jobs in Vietnam & the Philippines.

Because of freedom, I refused marriages which can bring to me financial stable.

Because of freedom, I did/do/will throw/get out of lots of things.

I was born in Thai Binh province, North Vietnam on 1987.
I was grown up in a culture and atmosphere which highly value school education, and consider it as a key to the future. The definition of a happy life was being formed by a formula: study hard, get into University, get a good job, get married and have kids.

No one has told me to be stand up and be owner of my life, I/we were being educated to work for someone else by being advised to “get a good job – a job which this social need”.

But what does this social need? This social doesn’t know what does it need, if there isn’t someone tell it what does it need. This social has lived thousand of years in the darkness, only lightened up by oil lamps or candles. It never knows that it need electric light if there was not Thomas Edison. This social also never knows it need computer, Facebook, iPhone … and so on if there wasn’t people created and offered.

I was being taught to save more than to produce. Almost of my relatives, acquaintances in my childhood were either employees, small business owners or farmers.

With that said, shifting from employment mindset to entrepreneurship mindset was a huge change for me. And it didn’t happen overnight.

2012, I was being really frustrated with my life, with all obligations and the ordinary, I just wanted to escape. And I thought going abroad is a solution. At that time, any country was fine. I went to the Philippines with the help from Cory Ruin and David Hung as first time abroad with 75USD. I got a job there with salary 3 times higher than in Vietnam. But it still wasn’t the life I want. How many times I asked myself: “Who am I? and where is the life I want?”

Nov 2013, I met Sharon Rose G Pabillon in a meet up, when she was sharing about herself … “Who am I? and who is the person I want to be? …” I felt connected right away with her. Sharon became my coach, and afterward I met her coach – Jersey Howard Co. Then I also hired Jersey as my coach.

With motivation from Sharon & Jersey, I resigned thoroughly from white collar job on Mar 2014. From that time, there were so many times I asked myself: “Where will the next money come from?” Being on my own, I have to do thousand things which my previous self didn’t do, include learn to be stable with my emotions. Luckily that I do more things I love to do, and be more with people I love to be with, and be myself more. I created more firm and deep relationship with people. From a person who was so silent, didn’t know what to say about myself, now I realized much more my self-worth, capability and values.

Mar 2015, I was being deported from Manila airport. If you care to know about, here is the story. The reason might be because the custom officer assume that I helped the non-English speaking Vietnamese to come to the Philippines to work illegally. There were 3 things I benefited from that event: (1) I had the feelings of being in an “executive prison”, where ever I went to, the security followed me. And we were very friendly, I understood that it was their duty. (2) I was able to help someone to interpret and wasn’t able to have the food they wanted. (3) If that event didn’t happen, my mind was still stick with the Philippines. But now when I’m in HCMc, I see that opportunities are everywhere.

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7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I saw your posts on Tripadvisor and got to your blog that way.
    I would use your services in the future, if you help travelers.

  2. Hi there
    You sent me a private message to my blog yesterday so I answered it this morning and then looked up more information about you and came across your blog. I look forward to corresponding with you. Best wishes from New Zealand 🙂

  3. selling a bottle of water (or other things) for “ridiculous prices”? that is an exercise most Vietnamese try with expats and tourists.
    Congratulations and good luck for your new business anyway.

  4. You are an amazing person Khuyen. Happy to read about your experiences which are written in such a honest innocent way. Happy travelling!

  5. Thanks! I hope I don’t oversell myself. I didn’t update the introduction for a couple of years. I’m curious how did you find my page?

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