How to read this blog

There are currently 48 posts in this blog, include this post. Here are instructions/insights of how to read it if you don’t know where to start, what might be useful for you.

1( About you, me and this blog: The title is clear. That is what you can expect about you, me and this blog.

My food journey 

My professional profile

2( Places to visit, things to do, food to eat in Vietnam:

Water puppet show

Mekong Delta trip.

Phở Phương.

Vung Tau city.

Viet Hai commune, Cat Ba island, Hai Phong province.

Binh Dien and Binh Tay wholesale market, Ho Chi Minh city.

Thong market, Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province.

3( Posts about volunteering in Ho Chi Minh city and in the Philippines:

+ Ho Chi Minh city:

Volunteering in Ho Chi Minh city.

Thi Nghe orphanage and Go Vap orphanage

Phuoc Tuong pagoda – giving food to people for free.

+ The Philippines:

He Cares Foundation.

Beautification project of He Cares Foundation and Kerygma.

Mother Therese missionary of charity.

4( Things to know in Ho Chi Minh city/Vietnam (visa, accommodation, car for rent service, businesses)

List of companies, factories & businesses in Vietnam

Vietnam Working Visa Application.

Finding accommodation in HCMc.

Car for rent services.

Thao Dien directory.

5( Posts about the Philippines, my travel life and my CS experiences

Singapore – Batu Pahat – Kuala Lumpur.

3 days in Cambodia

Being kept in the airport – NAIA3.

Travel by land from Hanoi, Vietnam to Vientiane, Laos and Nongkhai, Thailand.

Philippines – Hai năm gắn bó và chia sẻ.

Lola Leila & Davao trip.

Ate Fritz, “A” and Mahia at Lucban.

Evan & Lisa.

Manila South Cemetary.

Dmitriy and aNASTAsiya Luchina.

6( Posts about engineering (what I’ve encountered in my job, what I’ve learned, researched)

Water industry in the Philippines.

Some sharing from Mr. HB – PUD Specialist – ADB Vietnam.

Tổng quan về ngành sản xuất điện tại Việt Nam.

The Mekong Delta small and medium town water supply program.

An Giang, Vinh Long mission – a business trip

Workshop of Mekong Delta WSP

Map Info User Guide.

Vu Thu water treatment plant.

Sociological survey in Quang Ngai.

7( Posts about some insights and people’s stories

Your hands – your miracle personal doctor. about Andrew Alarcon.

They were born with wings – teacher help them to fly. about Len

Talk to brother.

8( Activities in Ho Chi Minh city:

Yola Toefl cup 2015.

Anthropology class

9( Vietnam – Philippines remittance service

10( When I was an university students:

Design improvement expand DBP city WSS.

Graduation Study Tour Report.

My graduation project.

Supervisory University Entrance Exam.

314 – University dormitory room.

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